ACI Alliance has announced its publication of a new online step-by-step guide for consumers, parents and professionals, including those outside of cochlear implantation, on the cochlear implant (CI) process. The online guide on cochlear implants is available for free on the ACI Alliance website.

According to ACI Alliance, the new care resource is intended to assist potential recipients as well as those who already have a CI and non-cochlear physicians, audiologists, and others who may be advising patients. Educators, therapists and early interventionists will also benefit from the information and the guide, called “Cochlear Implant Continuum of Care,” is intended to help them advise patients on the steps for CI intervention.

The process of obtaining a cochlear implant might seem overwhelming for potential cochlear implant recipients and their families. This step-by-step resource discusses in basic terminology what to expect before, during, and after cochlear implant surgery. It also provides additional resource links to scientific research and educational materials.

American Cochlear Implant Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving access to cochlear implantation through research, advocacy and awareness. Its members are otolaryngologists, audiologists, speech pathologists, educators and others on cochlear implant teams as well as parent and consumer advocates. The mission of ACI Alliance is to expand access to cochlear implants through research, advocacy, and awareness.

Source: ACI Alliance