This quarter, Eargo is launching two new over-the-counter (OTC) hearing wellness devices, Eargo SE, which has just been released, and LINK by Eargo, which is preparing to launch in the first quarter of 2024. 

The new devices expand the brand’s portfolio of offerings with a new earbud form factor and a completely-in-canal option focused on Eargo signature essentials, according to the company. These newest devices address additional consumer needs around functionality, design, and experience.

New Eargo Hearing Devices

Eargo SE (pictured above) is a streamlined, self-fitting OTC device focused on Eargo’s signature essentials—virtually invisible, rechargeable, open-fit, completely-in-canal form factor and lifetime support. With a new ear tip design, companion app, and pocketable charger, Eargo SE pairs quality with simplicity, the company says.

LINK By Eargo

Meanwhile, the upcoming LINK By Eargo is a new form factor for the brand, introducing an earbud-style OTC hearing aid that remains true to Eargo’s key hallmarks of discreet design and innovative technology. Going beyond Eargo’s exclusive virtually invisible devices, LINK By Eargo provides users with reliable hearing loss support plus additional capabilities as the first ever low-profile earbud-style hearing device with Bluetooth 5.3 streaming.

Hearing aid accessibility has shifted significantly since the FDA created a category for over-the-counter hearing aid devices in 2022. Consumers now have a newly broadened range of alternatives, including more basic devices competing on price over functionality. 

“These two new products double down on our decade-long commitment to create better hearing wellness options – pairing innovative devices with consistent, seamless support,” says Bill Brownie, COO and interim CEO of Eargo. “While expanding OTC access and lowering costs for customers is a great first step for our industry, people also deserve the highest quality products and necessary support to incorporate these devices into their daily lives. Our expanded portfolio ensures a breadth of options, no matter the level of need.”

Eargo’s complete portfolio of over-the-counter hearing aid devices – including LINK By Eargo, Eargo SE and Eargo 7 – will be available for purchase online at, via Personal Hearing Guides at (855) 543-5960, and in select retail partner stores including Best Buy, Target, Victra, and on Amazon. 

Individuals with hearing aid insurance benefits may be able to use their benefits toward the purchase of Eargo. Eargo accepts all major health plans, subject to verification of benefits, and is in-network with BCBS.

Featured image: The Eargo SE features a new ear tip design, companion app, and pocketable charger. Photos: Eargo