Ceretone, a brand under Audicon and a provider in the field of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, announced the success of its Core One launch campaign on Indiegogo. 

The small OTC hearing aid garnered $300,000 from 1,245 backers across the globe, positioning itself among the top three campaigns in the hearing aids category on the platform, according to the company. This achievement has also paved the way for the upcoming official purchase in late August.

The Core One Hearing Solution

The Core One represents a groundbreaking advancement in accessible and affordable hearing solutions. Designed with cutting-edge technology and user-centric features, this OTC hearing aids empower individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss to regain control over their auditory experiences without the need for costly professional intervention.

“We are excited to introduce the Core One to the market,” says Tonny, operation director of Ceretone. “We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality hearing solutions and live their lives to the fullest. Ceretone embodies our commitment to making that a reality.”

The Core One hearing aid is a completely-in-canal (CIC) device, which is much smaller and less noticeable than the traditional behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. The in-ear aids are slim and fit discreetly in the canal. Its advanced digital signal processing technology ensures crystal-clear sound quality, while adaptive noise reduction algorithms minimize background noise interference. It is also water and dust-proof. 

The device connects with a smart app, allowing users to easily personalize their listening experience by adjusting volume, sound profiles, and other settings according to their preferences.

To celebrate the official launch of Core One, Ceretone is offering a limited-time introductory price of $349 on its website and Amazon store. If a buyer has trouble hearing in only one ear, they have the option of purchasing a single one with $229. 

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