Pictured from left are Hear In America associates Terry
Lattanzio, Richard Williams, Dan Schuermeyer, Margaret Faust, Charles Ogden,
and Greta Ratliff.

Hear In America, Louisville, Ky, recently presented its Excellence awards, recognizing providers who furnish excellent service to patients, as monitored through follow-up calls from Hear In America offices. The recipients have also demonstrated that they satisfy patient needs as evidenced by high sales volume and closing ratios, says the company..

The 2010 Excellence awards were given to the following recipients:

Newport Audiology Centers (Calif)
Patillo Balance and Hearing Centers (Ala)
Maico Hearing Aids (Md)
K&K Hearing Associates (Md)
Advanced Hearing Care (NC)

The company says it provides hearing benefits to groups and associations through its 1,400-member provider network.

Hear In America Hearing Plans provide hearing aid services to professional groups nationwide, serving approximately 5 million members, according to the company.

[Source: Hear In America]