IconX earbuds

Samsung’s soon-to-be-released Gear IconX wireless earbuds

According to technology watch websites such as VentureBeat (VB) and Engadget, Samsung is preparing to launch Gear IconX, its wireless Bluetooth earbuds, as one of two new products in its line of Gear accessories.

The Dash from Bragi

Dash is Bragi’s wireless earbuds, launched in January 2016

Both sites noted that Samsung’s new earbuds bear a striking resemblance to start-up manufacturer Bragi’s hearable, The Dash, which was introduced in January 2016 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Because Samsung’s Gear IconX wireless earbuds have not yet been released to the public, only a few features have been revealed in product previews.

IconX earbuds in case

Samsung’s IconX earbuds come with a charging case

Some of the IconX features that have been shared include the fact that these earbuds operate via touch-controls, are dust and water resistant, can be used as a standalone digital music player, and are housed in a charging case. The release date and anticipated retail price have not been revealed.

For more information, see the product preview coverage from VentureBeat and Engadget.

Source: Engadget; VentureBeat