A Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro user lamented his recent experience with the wireless earbuds—which eventually resulted in his experiencing a full-blown ear infection—in an article on the Android Central website.

Chris Wedel, who previously used an earlier version of the Galaxy Buds with no issues, said that he began experiencing itchy and crusty ears within a few hours after first wearing the earbuds. Twice more, he experienced similar symptoms; in one instance, only the ear where he had placed the bud had irritation—the other ear remained the same, leading him to point the finger at the earbuds as potentially being the source of his problem.

Within 12 hours of wearing the earbud in his left ear for a 45-minute call, he developed an unmistakable throbbing pain, fever, and swelling, symptoms that were indicative of an ear infection. The infection disappeared with antibiotics, but, when Wedel began researching the issue online, he found that he wasn’t the only one having a reaction. Several Reddit and Samsung Community threads were devoted to users complaining of similar symptoms after using the earbuds.

In contacting Samsung, Wedel was eventually offered a refund, though the company did not admit fault or give a reason why he experienced an infection; an August 23 class action lawsuit was filed against the company alleging that users of Galaxy Buds Pro headphones experienced allergic and inflammatory reactions after wearing the earbuds.

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Source: Android Central