Knowles Corporation (NYSE: KN), a global provider of advanced micro-acoustic microphones, speakers, audio solutions, high-performance capacitors, and RF products, announced the availability of the GM series receiver, a two-way balanced armature receiver designed specifically to “enable hearing health applications to deliver audiophile-quality music performance.” Knowles and Lucid Hearing, a hearing aid company, have partnered to bring the hearing health industry the Westone Audio High Fidelity DWT, a hearing aid with a Receiver in Canal (RIC) that delivers “exceptional sound quality for music listening.” 

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“Hearing health is at the core of Lucid Hearing’s belief; our primary focus is to deliver industry-changing products that can dramatically improve our customers’ lives,” said Jason Kidd, President of Hearing Lab Technology, LLC.  “Our partnership with Knowles is an important part of delivering on the mission of helping people hear better and we are excited to bring this premium sound quality to the market.” 

The new GM series balanced armature receiver from Knowles is a wide-band driver that provides “discreet size for comfortable fit, battery life for all-day wear, and unprecedented sound clarity, especially important for enjoyment of music,” according to the company’s announcement.

“This has been an incredibly important milestone for our team. This convergence is at the forefront of the two markets that our team is highly focused on: hearing health and premium sound. Today, for the first time, people with hearing impairment can listen to music the way it should be heard,” said Jon Kiachian, Vice President and GM of Knowles Hearing Health Technologies. “As the inventor of the modern hearing aid receiver and leading supplier of balanced armature drivers to professional musicians, Knowles is the ideal partner for a hearing health leader, Lucid Hearing, to join forces with to deliver premium music quality in a hearing aid for the first time.” 

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Source: Knowles Corporation, Lucid Hearing