A new feature being tested on Facebook’s “smart glasses” may eventually allow users to focus on important sounds in real-life situations while helping to block out background noise, according to an article on ZDNet.

Known as a “perceptual superpower,” Facebook’s research team has paired an in-ear monitor with with an eye-movement tracking device that can discern what a user is interested in, and enhance its volume.

According to ZDNet, Facebook is exploring how its technology could potentially help people with hearing loss, and has teamed up with Thomas Lunner of the Eriksholm Research Centre to research this further.

Additionally, Facebook is also exploring the concept of “audio presence,” defined as “providing users with the feeling that they are in the same room as the person they are hearing virtually;” put another way, according to ZDNet, it’s akin to hearing a beeping in your headphones and not knowing if the sound is coming from your home phone or a phone in the series you’re watching online.

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Source: ZDNet