Toronto, Canada — In March of 2010, Vivisonic began shipping the Aurix Newborn Hearing Screening System for newborns . The company reports that the system will provide improved newborn screening efficiency and cost savings.

Screening all newborns for hearing loss is critical for early detection and intervention. This activity can become a costly proposition when rescheduling and rescreening become frequent.

While operational cost savings have most often focused on minimizing the cost of the single-use disposables (required for infection control), Vivisonic’s perspective with Aurix is to focus on reducing the cost of rescheduling and rescreening due to artifact and inconclusive results.

The Aurix system uses sophisticated statistical algorithms, which enables enhanced detection of auditory brainstem response (ABR) and handling of myogenic artifact. This advanced technology reportedly reduces the need to reschedule testing when a baby is awake, and reduces the need to rescreen due to false positive results, thus achieving significant time and cost-savings.

Serge Amar, Vivosonic’s VP of Worldwide Sales, commented in the press release that hospital NICUs often experience down times with their screening devices due to high electrical and magnetic interference.

Vivisonic also stated in the release that hospitals that have replaced their current equipment with Aurix have experienced no down time and have smoothly transitioned their technicians to the Aurix system.

SOURCE: Vivisonic