Hamden, Conn — The Tinnitus Practitioners Association (TPA) will offer the Associate Tinnitus education course on March 25-26 at the Marriott Airport Hotel in Newark, NJ.

Audiologists are uniquely qualified to provide tinnitus care, but they may be reluctant to offer those services for a variety of reasons. Some may fear that they do not have the skills to help tinnitus patients, while others are concerned that the service will not be financially rewarding.

The TPA education courses will reportedly provide a comprehensive and practical approach to tinnitus management in an audiological setting.

The course has been designed to empower audiologists to feel confident about their ability to provide basic care to their patients with tinnitus complaints. The program includes protocols for assessments and diagnostics that will help the audiologist determine the patient’s classification and recommend a management plan or referral.

Specifically, participants will learn how to:

  • Describe the neurophysiologic structures of the auditory system that contribute to the presence of tinnitus;
  • Identify categories of tinnitus patients through comprehensive evaluation;
  • Develop an individualized management plan or make appropriate referrals;
  • Apply instructive and cognitive tinnitus counseling techniques;
  • Choose and fit sound therapy devices including amplification and assistive sound therapy; and
  • Promote their practice and provide basic tinnitus services and education in their communities.

For more information about the TPA and TPA educational courses, visit the website at www.tinnituspractitioners.com.

SOURCE: The Tinnitus Practitioners Association