Professional audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, otolaryngologists, hospitals, and universities that belong to American Hearing Aid Associates (AHAA) will be able to help patients and customers suffering from tinnitus more than ever.

Neuromonics Sanctuary opt Under terms of a new agreement, AHAA will become a reselling partner of Neuromonics, Inc., Westminster, Colo., manufacturer and distributor of clinically proven tinnitus treatment devices. Neuromonics will offer AHAA special pricing, marketing, and other support for the Neuromonics Oasis™, Neuromonics Haven™, and Neuromonics Sanctuary™ products. The reselling agreement is the first of its type for Neuromonics.

“The importance of reaching more tinnitus sufferers with effective treatment cannot be overstated,” says Eula Adams, CEO of Neuromonics. “Neuromonics’ agreement with AHAA is a tremendous step in providing greater access to relief for those with tinnitus.”

Tinnitus is the condition often described as buzzing, ringing, hissing, humming, roaring, whistling or “ringing in the ears” that someone hears in the absence of any external sound. Globally, tinnitus affects an estimated 10-15% of the population. In the US alone, more than 50 million people suffer from the condition, according to the American Tinnitus Association. Usually brought on by exposure to loud noise, tinnitus is especially significant in the military, with more than 34% of returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from the condition.

Neuromonics products use calming, relaxing music embedded with a neural stimulus that interacts with the tinnitus perception, explains Adams. The music engages the auditory pathways to promote neural plastic changes. Over time, these changes help the brain to filter out the tinnitus perception, reducing tinnitus disturbance and providing long-term relief from symptoms. The compact devices are simple to use, function much like familiar consumer music players, and fit easily into patients’ lifestyles.

“While there is no tinnitus cure, so many individuals are seeking relief,” explains Tina Soika, president of AHAA. “The agreement with Neuromonics will help AHAA Associates deliver clinically proven devices and treatments for severe tinnitus sufferers as well as those needing on-demand relief.”

Source: Neuromonics, Inc.