Sonic is introducing Pep, a new entry-level hearing instrument designed for price-conscious consumers. Pep hearing comes in five instrument styles, including BTE, Power BTE, and custom models.

Sonic is supporting Pep’s introduction with an ad campaign meant to inspire potential patients to take the first step toward better hearing. The company is specifically targeting patients who are wary about price and an overabundance of features. Thus, Sonic says that Pep’s campaign is designed to enable hearing care professionals to give cost-conscious and technology-suspicious patients a “Pep talk.”

“Pep is an excellent ‘my first hearing instrument’ option,” says Kathy Landon, vice president of branding and professional services at Sonic. “For the budget-conscious, it provides a quality solution in the right price range. It is also a very user-friendly option and that is directly in line with Sonic’s 4S foundation, which promotes simplicity in everything we do.”

Pep includes Sonic’s Speech Variable Processing platform with three configurable listening programs. It allows new hearing instrument wearers to focus on those situations they experience most frequently, including telephone conversations, while they become accustomed to wearing a hearing instrument.

Pep is engineered for mild to severe hearing losses and can be fit with EXPRESSfit 2012.1, the latest version of Sonic’s fitting software.