Neurotone, Redwood City, Calif, has released LACE Unplugged, an interactive, auditory training DVD designed to improve the listening skills of the millions of Americans suffering from hearing loss. Based on the company’s LACE computer auditory training technology, it provides 5 hours of listening training exercises to help:

– Improve speech comprehension in noisy situations
– Increase mental speed of processing
– Enhance listening skills with rapid talkers
– Focus better on conversations

LACE Unplugged provides:

– More than 250 communication strategies and hearing aid acclimatization tips to help new and existing hearing instrument wearers improve communication skills

– A cost-effective tool to improve a patient’s listening skills when time or cost precludes you from offering the original LACE computer system. The DVD training disk can be used on any computer or consumer DVD player and is suitable for most patients, says the company.

[Source: Neurotone]