A new article published on the Workplace Material Handling & Safety website discusses the restrictions to hearing aid usage by hearing impaired people in a hazardous workplace.

According to the article, “Most corporate hearing conservation programs (HCP) do not allow the use of hearing aids in hazardous noise areas,” given what the authors contend have historically been the “poor performance of traditional hearing aids” when there is loud noise in the background and/or echoes, among other issues. In compliance with federal regulations, individuals are advised to utilize foam earplugs and/or earmuffs for hearing protection.

New technology, however, can be utilized for both hearing amplification as well as hearing protection, according to the article.

“For example, a worker may now have a hearing program for normal situations in Memory 1 while simultaneously having a hazardous noise exposure program in Memory 2,” the authors say. “While the worker may need to change to a solid coupling to the ear, the device will compensate with protection for the hazardous noise.”

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Source: Workplace Material Handling & Safety