The Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness Society LLC, Fort Wayne, Ind, and the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine (PIM), Englewood, Colo, introduce "Neurovestibular Sciences Part II: The Balance Continuum," their newest advanced-level, continuing medical education course.

The certified course, designed for health care professionals involved in the care of patients with dizziness, balance, and movement disorders, provides enhanced understanding of effective diagnostic and management techniques. Attendees are taught how to identify risk factors, diagnose, and treat patients who are affected by dizziness, vertigo, have fallen in the past, are unsteady, or are at risk of falling.

"Neurovestibular Sciences Part I: The Study of Balance Medicine," is recommended as a prerequisite basic course, but is not required.

Six 3-day weekend courses are scheduled for 2010, in Chicago; Tampa, Fla; Las Vegas; Greater New York City/New Jersey; Dallas, and Atlanta. Additional course offerings during 2010 are also anticipated, covering intermediate and advanced levels of study in balance medicine.

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The Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness Society was founded to advance the effectiveness of neurovestibular sciences, falls prevention, and wellness methods for health care professionals. The medical director, Randolph McKenzie, MD, PhD, FACS, of Chattanooga, Tenn, is developing ongoing clinical and medical educational programs and vestibular rehabilitation therapy protocols, while serving as course director for the CME programs.

[Source: Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness Society]