When it comes to maintaining their health, men tend to wait for serious symptoms to appear before taking the necessary precautions, according to Miracle-Ear, Minneapolis.

Indications of serious physical conditions, however, can oftentimes take a silent form, the company notes. Hearing loss affects more than 31 million people, 65% of whom are men, but the signs of the condition are typically overlooked, says the company. With that in mind, Miracle-Ear is honoring National Men’s Health Week, which begins on June 15, with advice on what to look—or listen—for to determine if men are living with diminished hearing capacity.

"Many men may consider hearing loss to be an inevitable part of the aging process, but this is simply not the case," said Rebecca Younk, audiologist for Amplifon USA, in a statement issued by Miracle-Ear. "By being aware of some of the most common warning signs, men can detect their hearing weaknesses early on and proceed with getting the proper treatment. This can have a profound impact on their overall quality of life."

Younk suggests men, and those who care about them, take note of the following signs, provided by the Better Hearing Institute, that indicate the presence of a hearing impairment:

–    You have trouble understanding the voices of women and small children when they are speaking
–    You feel that people mumble or do not speak clearly
–    You seem to hear better from one ear than from the other
–    You turn the TV up louder than others need to
–    You have problems following conversations between the front and back seat of cars

"If you or a male in your life is experiencing these symptoms, the most important thing you can do is request a hearing test," said Younk in the statement. "Hearing loss solutions have come a long way and can now offer impeccable hearing quality in a virtually undetectable form."

[Source: Miracle-Ear]