Patricia Roush, professor of otolaryngology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and director of pediatric audiology at UNC Hospitals, USA, has been elected to the Advisory Board of the Hear the World Foundation, the hearing loss prevention organization announced. With over 35 years of experience as a clinician and clinical researcher, the Foundation expects that Roush will strengthen the Swiss foundation’s independent committee of experts. 

Patricia Roush, Advisory Board Member, Hear the World Foundation.

Patricia Roush, Advisory Board Member, Hear the World Foundation.

The Hear the World Foundation supports people in need with hearing loss around the world; it also supports projects aimed at prevention of hearing loss. An overarching goal is to enable children with hearing loss to achieve their full potential.

Five renowned experts in audiology form the current advisory board, and serve on a voluntary basis. Their duties include advising the foundation board when assessing project applications and deciding funding levels, thus ensuring the foundation’s continued independence. Roush will join current members, Professor Dr Richard Seewald, Professor Dr Jerry L. Northern, Professor Dr Beatriz Novaes, and Dr Dorothe Veraguth.

Roush has been a practicing clinician for over 35 years, according to the announcement. Prior to joining the faculty at UNC in 2000, she was a pediatric audiologist at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Boston Children’s Hospital, Denver Children’s Hospital, and Duke University Medical Center. Her areas of specialization and clinical research include the diagnosis of hearing loss in children, fitting of amplification in infants, and the audiological management of auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder. Roush has published extensively on a variety of topics related to audiological management of infants and young children and has lectured nationally and internationally.

Since 2010, Roush has partnered with the Hear the World Foundation to enable audiology students to gain insights into pediatric audiology practice through a yearly fellowship named in memory of Judith Gravel. She looks forward to joining the foundation’s advisory board and notes:“Becoming a member of the foundation’s advisory board offers me the opportunity to apply my experience in ways that will be helpful to children with hearing loss from many nations.”

President of the Hear the World Foundation, Lukas Braunschweiler adds: “We are thrilled to welcome Professor Roush as a member of the Hear the World Foundation’s Advisory Board. Her long-standing experience, her excellent reputation, and her high level of personal commitment will enrich the foundation’s work and contribute greatly to its future development.”

Source: Hear the World Foundation 

Image: Hear the World Foundation