Atlanta — While many audiology and dispensing practices create their own waiting room literature on hearing loss, practitioners can also utilize many free brochures and pamphlets offered by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC.)


One of the latest offerings is a CDC “Hearing Loss Symptoms Widget.” A “widget” is a bit of HTML code that can be added to your own Web site for some function.


In this case, the widget, shown below, will encourage visitors to your Web site to take a small questionnaire about their hearing loss. It will then make a recommendation about whether the person should be checked by a hearing professional. Because the person found the widget on your Web site, there is a good chance of following through with a CDC recommendation and returning to your Web site to contact you.


In addition to the widget, practitioners can utilize many general hearing loss information guides and resources from the CDC. Some are downloadable in PDF form, while others are print and CD materials that can be mailed to you.


To find out more, visit the CDC’s dedicated hearing loss Web site.