GN Otometrics has announced a new distribution strategy. As of August 2012, Otometrics will now distribute its products through Audiology Systems Inc and Otometrics partner distributors.

Audiology Systems is a newly established distribution network, while Otometrics partner distributors are existing independent distributors that are already working with the company.

Otometrics said in its press release that the new distribution strategy was developed in response to industry consolidation and that their goal is to elevate the level of customer care. In implementing the new distribution strategy, Otometrics announced that it has discontinued relationships with distributors that were acquired by William Demant-controlled entities.

Audiology Systems is a national partnership of industry professionals, audiologists, and local audiology and vestibular instrument experts. Otometrics, one of multiple shareholders, holds a minority stake in the company and has named Audiology Systems the exclusive distributor for its MADSEN, AURICAL, and ICS product lines, covering more than half of the United States effective August 2012.

Otometrics said that Audiology Systems is implementing a new business model dedicated to improving the customer experience by focusing on three core principles: professionalism, consultation, and accessibility.

Otometrics’ partner distributors are select, independent, family-owned businesses, with which the company had existing distribution relationships. Otometrics has established closer partnerships with these distributors and will take a more active role in supporting them, maximizing their local knowledge, and enabling them to take advantage of the company’s global strength in terms of support, education and marketing.

Uffe Bjerg, vice president of GN Otometrics North America, said in the press statement, “Our goal with this innovative approach to distribution is clear: We want to improve our customers’ overall experience. This innovative distribution strategy is the first step toward achieving that goal.”

SOURCE: GN Otometrics North America