EarQ Group, Syracuse, NY, has added Widex as one of its manufacturing partners, thus allowing EarQ Group members to receive its business resources and Widex’s product line.

The company strives to help private hearing care practitioners achieve their business goals, while remaining autonomous. “It was recommendations from our members that encouraged us to pursue Widex," said EarQ President Ed Keller, in a statement released by the company. "When we met with Widex, we discussed our common dedication of supporting private practitioners, which affirmed that a partnership between EarQ Group and Widex would be a perfect fit.”

“In today’s competitive times and with the current economy, it is more crucial than ever to give our members every advantage, including all practice resources and excellent products in quality and technology under our brand,” said Cary Dawson, senior VP.

EarQ Group is a nationwide network more than 900 practice locations that are independently owned and operated. It provides members with practice support, including value-based marketing, business tools, audiology support, and staff training. Each member is provided with an industry-trained business advisor to act as their assistant for all their business needs.

[Source: EarQ Group]