Chicago – ClearSounds has introduced a new amplified Bluetooth enabled amplifier. The Quattro Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop with QLink is a hands-free device with a built in microphone and receiver that provides two-way communications or one-way audio reception for all four major applications: home, office, mobile and entertainment.

The Quattro is designed for hearing aids with and without t-coils, and can also be used for individuals with hearing loss who have no hearing aids. The device uses a v2.1 +EDR Bluetooth transmitter with A2DP for stereo sound quality and enhanced transmission speeds for sound synchronized connections to televisions, stereo systems and virtually any other sound source.

Though the Quattro was initially developed for people with hearing loss that have hearing aids with t-coils, the company is also marketing it towards business executives on the go, gadget gurus and teens who want to get better sound from their iPods and MP3 players.

The company will also be releasing Quattro PSTN Connectivity Hub, a Class1 Bluetooth device Quattro Neckloop system that will transmit and receive sound with other Class 1 devices that are within 300 feet of the unit.

SOURCE: ClearSounds Communications