BFHS textbook coverA practical textbook, Basic Fundamentals in Hearing Sciencehas been released by Plural Publishing for college undergraduates preparing for graduate programs in speech-language pathology or audiology. The authors have used Newtonian physics to present a novel approach to hearing science, enabling students to develop their understanding of the subject while building their knowledge of scientific concepts as they move through the text. The text encourages thinking and problem solving, rather than learning by rote memorization.

Authors Tony L. Sahley, PhD, CCC-A, and Frank E. Musiek, PhD, CCC-A, have written the textbook in a style that may help to clarify and promote greater understanding and comprehension of hearing science concepts. Basic Fundamentals in Hearing Science can be a useful supplemental or recommended reference book for speech and hearing, combined with courses that require more coverage of hearing science than is currently available in speech-oriented textbooks.

This textbook features the basic terminology used in hearing science, many figures and illustrations for improved overall comprehension of the subject matter, and clear descriptions of the many and various forms of sound wave phenomenon, the auditory system–from the outer ear to the auditory cortex. It includes an overview of scientific measurement scales and notation, including the use of logarithms, exponential and scientific notation, and the metric system.

Basic Fundamentals in Hearing Science is available in hardcover, and runs 704 pages. More information about the book may be found on the Plural Publishing website. 

Source: Plural Publishing