October 25, 2007

WASHINGTON, DC — Audiology pioneer Marion Downs will receive the Secretary of Health and Human Services’ Highest Recognition Award today (October 25) in Washington, DC. She is being honored for her role in achieving national newborn hearing screening and her “exemplary contributions to improving the lives of persons with disabilities.”  This award is part of the President’s “New Freedom Initiative” that focuses on productively engaged lives for the disabled. The Honorable Margaret J. Giannini, MD, director, will present the award to Downs at a ceremony “Celebrating Persons with Disabilities.”

The AAA Foundation has planned a special dinner in Downs’ honor after the Awards ceremony. Downs will be joined by friends, family, and colleagues at this celebration where her many accomplishments and contributions to the field of pediatric audiology will be recognized. 

Oticon Inc has made a special gift to the AAA Foundation in honor of Downs on the occasion of her receipt of the HHS Highest Recognition Award.

SOURCE: American Academy of Audiology Foundation