Troy, Mich — Sonic Alert is now offering the Geemarc Ampli455, a next generation digital amplified telephone that is designed for people with moderate to severe hearing and vision loss.

The Ampli455 features TrueSound™, a technology that guarantees amplification capability up to 40 decibels and has adjustable receiving tone control +/-10 decibels.

The phone also includes a high quality answering machine that can amplify messages up to 40 dB through the handset while also providing a slow message playback feature that makes it easier to retrieve and understand messages.

Also included is a vocalization feature with talking caller ID and talking keys. A flashing visual ringer helps alert people with hearing loss of incoming calls.

A new feature on Geemarc telephones from Sonic Alert is QuickDialCST, a one touch memory key that direct dials the Sonic Alert Customer Service department, providing easy and instant access to customer support, Monday through Friday.

SOURCE: Sonic Alert