GN Store Nord announced that Jakob Gudbrand has informed the company that he needs to resign from his position as CEO of GN Hearing for personal and family reasons.

Jakob Gudbrand

Jakob Gudbrand

Gitte Pugholm Aabo

Gitte Pugholm Aabo, CEO, GN Hearing

Gitte Pugholm Aabo, currently a member of the Board of Directors of GN Store Nord, takes on the role as CEO of GN Hearing. Having joined GN Store Nord’s Board in 2018, Gitte Pugholm Aabo has solid knowledge of GN Hearing’s business. She brings extensive global leadership experience and extensive knowledge within international management, finance, IT, sales, and marketing as well as deep insights into building digital communities. Most recently, she served as CEO of Leo Pharma.

“I am both proud and humble to take on the job as CEO of GN Hearing. From my time on the Board, I know that the company has a strong product portfolio and a strong global organization. GN Hearing has a long and proud history of innovation and is now standing on a very strong platform,” said Gitte Pugholm Aabo.

“As I said after the last investor call: GN is a fantastic place to work and I am proud of my colleagues and what they have contributed. However, for personal and family reasons I have come to the conclusion that it is right for both GN and myself that I resign. I wish GN and my colleagues all the best in their journey ahead,” said Jakob Gudbrand.

“In thanking Jakob for his contribution to GN, I am delighted that Gitte Pugholm Aabo has accepted to succeed Jakob. Gitte has a proven track record of innovation, building and transforming a global business and she will be able to ensure continuation and build on the great momentum we have going in GN Hearing. Gitte has a strong mindset for customer focus, innovation, and growth. With her as the CEO, GN Hearing will have a strong leader, who will further GN Hearing’s continued growth and competitiveness,” said Chairman Per Wold-Olsen.

Gitte Pugholm Aabo will join GN Store Nord’s Executive Management together with René Svendsen-Tune, CEO of GN Audio and GN Store Nord, and Marcus Desimoni, CFO of GN Hearing and GN Store Nord. René Svendsen-Tune will also take on the added responsibility of overseeing and facilitating the future direction for GN’s cross-company technology and applications roadmap, including AI.

“With the tremendous innovation and technology driven turnaround that René has orchestrated and delivered on for GN Audio, he will, in this capacity, be instrumental in taking GN’s technology agenda further into future applications and harvesting innovation synergies across GN,” said Per Wold-Olsen.

These changes are effective as of today.

Resume on Gitte Pugholm Aabo:
Born: 1967
Nationality: Danish
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Economics, HD in Business Administration, MBA at Copenhagen Business School

2018 – 2019: Board member and chairman of the Audit Committee, GN Store Nord
2008 – 2019: Chief Executive Officer, LEO Pharma
2007 – 2007: Deputy Group Managing Director, LEO Pharma
2001 – 2006: Senior Vice President, Finance & IT, LEO Pharma

Source: GN

Image: Gitte Pugholm Aabo photo courtesy of Twitter