The International Hearing Society (IHS) Board of Governors has announced that Alissa Parady has been named executive director of IHS. In this role, Parady will work closely with the IHS Board to execute their strategic initiatives for the Society to the benefit of the hearing healthcare professionals who comprise IHS membership.

Parady brings to the position 16 years of experience, including 11 years with IHS, advocating for hearing healthcare professionals in Washington, DC, and had been filling the role of IHS Interim Executive Director since February of this year when Kathleen Menillo announced she was stepping down. During her career with IHS, Parady has been closely connected to and supported the work of each program function—be it driving membership, promoting best practices and strong licensing standards, or working with volunteers to advance new practice management tools.  Her new role draws on those years of experience and keen knowledge of the history and organization’s needs and opportunities. 

Annette Cross, BC-HIS

IHS President Annette Cross, BC-HIS, speaking on behalf of the Board, voiced strong support for Parady. “Over the past two months, Alissa has shown great focus and applied a fresh perspective and energy to the work of IHS,” said Cross in a press statement.  “The IHS Board is overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the future of the Society with Alissa managing its talented staff and her execution of our short- and long-term goals.  We feel confident that the members of IHS will quickly feel the positivity and value that Alissa is contributing to our organization and profession as IHS’s new Executive Director.”

Parady joined IHS in 2011 as Manager of Government Affairs and rose to Director of Government and Chapter Affairs. During her time in that role, she successfully navigated the passage of two federal bills into law, expanded the Government Affairs department, regularly represented IHS and its members in international and federal initiatives and with industry partners, and enhanced engagement with IHS chapters in support of their legislative and regulatory activities on behalf of the profession.

“I am honored that the IHS Board of Governors selected me to step into this very important role and am ready to apply my experience and dedication to the Society and its members,” says Parady.  “We have so many exciting projects planned and goals we are working towards, and we have the very best association staff team to advance these initiatives.  That, combined with the strong leadership of the Society and the work of our volunteers, positions IHS for growth and continued success. I look forward to helping to facilitate and strategize IHS’ forward-movement towards these goals.”

Source: IHS