Baby Boomers are using their pervasive influence over the technology industry to rewrite the rules of aging. Rather than surrendering to age-related disabilities like hearing loss, Boomers are demanding new and innovative products that greatly minimize what were once accepted as the inevitable aspects of growing older.  
Clarity, a division of Plantronics, Chattanooga, Tenn, is among the growing number of tech-savvy companies adapting technology to give Boomers exactly what they want—solutions that keep the aggravations and inconveniences of aging at bay.

Clarity currently offers an array of hearing loss products available. For example, products, like the Clarity® C435 900 MHz amplified cordless phone make telephone conversations not only louder, but clearer and easier to understand. 

According to a study conducted by Clarity and The EAR Foundation, Nashville, Tenn, a nonprofit organization dedicated to public awareness and continuing medical education related to hearing loss, this technology provides a powerful solution for the 38 million Boomers who reported experiencing a hearing loss.   

“At Clarity, we have long recognized the importance of addressing the needs of Baby Boomers, the 76 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964, who are constantly setting precedents for other generations to follow,” says Carsten Trads, president of Clarity. “These days, Boomers are demanding solutions that can help them maintain an active lifestyle, and they want the technology to which they have grown accustomed to evolve and grow with them.”     

Clarity also recently became the first company to incorporate the latest advancement in hearing aid technology (digital signal processing) into a standard home phone, a development that could potentially revolutionize both the phone itself and hearing loss.

“Over the past decade the accessibility of tech products for those who are aging has improved tremendously,” says Matt Hutchinson, director of marketing for Clarity. “There are products on the market that weren’t even dreamed of 15 years ago, and now, because of the influence and buying power of the Baby Boomers, these products are out there and making life easier for an entire generation.”   

[SOURCE: PR Newswire, July 11, 2006]