Month: July 2009

Idealism Versus Reality: What’s Your Preferred Hearing Screening Procedure?

You’ve been invited to offer hearing screenings at an important community-wide gathering, and you see this as a prime opportunity to spread the word about hearing awareness and give people more knowledge about their own level of hearing health. You’re to be applauded for accepting this task. But what kind of standards can you set—or even be expected to set—in your hearing screening efforts?

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From Horsepower to Hearpower, Part 1: The Foundations of Power and Energy

An historical look at the scientific contributions of Bell, Watt, Ampere, Volta, Ohm, and Joule, and how their landmark findings relate to amplification. The discussion provides a review of the fundamental history and several often-confusing principles of mechanical and electrical power, force, and energy, and their relation to audition. Part 2 delves further into the relation of these physical principles to loudness perception.

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