Month: December 2001

Efficacy of CIC Hearing Aids for Children and Adolescents

Despite the known benefits of completely-in-the-canal (CIC) instruments, hearing care professionals have been reluctant to fit CICs on children for several reasons. This article presents the results of a field study and provides information on fitting CICs on children ages 2-16 who, for various reasons, refused to wear other styles of hearing aids.

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MarkeTrak VI: The VA and Direct Mail Sales Spark Growth in Hearing Aid Market

MarkeTrak VI indicates that there are now 28.6 million people reporting hearing difficulty and 22.2% of these people now use hearing aids (up from 20.4% in 1997). Binaural fittings have increased to 74.2% of all purchases, physician hearing screenings have fallen to 14%, and there are now fewer in-the-drawer aids (11.7%) than in 1997 (16.2%). The new study also indicates that VA and mail-order sales account for half of the incremental hearing instrument penetration increases over the last 3 years.

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