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Top 25 News Stories in Hearing Healthcare for 2016

Did you miss anything in the whirlwind of 2016? Here is a quick round-up of some of the top news stories in the hearing healthcare field for 2016.

Implications of an Over-the-Counter Approach to Hearing Healthcare: A Consumer Study

This pilot study indicates that individuals supported by a hearing care professional experienced significantly better participant outcomes across all metrics, including daily usage of the hearing solution; how well each solution met expectations, and overall satisfaction rates.

Study Confirms Our Brains Interpret Sign Language As a Language

There has been debate as to what role sign language has played in language evolution, and whether the structure of sign language shares similarities with spoken language. New research shows that our brains detect deep similarities between speech and sign language–interpreting both equally as language.

Clinical Benefits of Patient-generated Health Data

Patient-generated health data is technology with a purpose, and holds great clinical and competitive opportunities. We are in a period of change and advancing technology, when manufacturers and hearing care professionals can work together to embrace and integrate patient-generated health data to improve patient outcomes and practice success.

Bridging the Gap: Shifting an Audiology Practice to Include Implant Services

Electric Acoustic Stimulation (EAS) is a potential solution to help your underperforming patient take the next step to better hearing. Combining acoustic amplification in the low frequencies with electric stimulation in the high frequencies results in significant improvement for hearing in background noise.

Online Tools Help Patients Self-manage Hearing Loss

Based on principles of person-centered care, a new suite of online tools engage people in the self-management of their hearing loss and help structure the conversation between clients and hearing care professionals. The tools provide patients with strategies for everyday life with hearing loss and prepare them for their first appointment and follow-up.

Vocal Attractiveness: Men and Women Perceive Consonants Differently

The science behind “vocal attractiveness,” or what makes a human voice sound pleasant is of increasing interest to acousticians and artificial intelligence (AI) researchers, who say men and women agree on the vocal attractiveness of how vowels are spoken, but disagree on the vocal attractiveness of how consonants are spoken.

Simulation Software Helps Venue Developers Pre-plan Acoustics

Williams Sound, based in Minneapolis, Minn, has introduced the new Digi-Loop™ Simulation Software – a custom tool the company created to provide in-depth, realistic modeling and simulation of a venue’s acoustics and loop system performance, even before building construction is underway.

Sensaphonics Offers Crystal Glitter IEMs, Earplugs for Holidays

In response to requests for more “bling” in its in-ear monitors (IEMs), Sensaphonics is debuting its Crystal Glitter colors for a “Glisten While You Listen” holiday promotion that offers discounts on special IEMs and Musicians Earplugs through December 31, 2016.

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