APRIL 2003

12, Regulatory Compliance for the Hearing Healthcare Professional Seminar, Raleigh, NC. Contact: Avada Audiology and Hearing Care, (919) 878-4327.

24-25, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Balance Retraining, and Program Development, Ottawa, Canada. Contact: (800) 791-0262; email: [email protected].

25-26, Illinois Hearing Society Annual Convention. Contact: Michael Lane, email: [email protected].

25-26, Dispensing Certification and State Licensing Prep Course, Rye, Colo. Contact: Helen Horner, (866) 864-6449.

MAY 2003

2-6, Combined Otolaryngological Spring Meetings, Nashville, Tenn. Contact: www.entnet.org.

3-4, Vestibular Rehabilitation: Postural Control, Therapeutic Techniques, and Program Development, Allendale, Mich. Contact: Bonnie Kinni, (517) 627-1341.

3-4, Advanced Competency in the Evaluation and Treatment of Complex Balance Disorders, St Louis. Contact: North American Seminars, (800) 300-5512; www.healthclick.com.

5-8, Second International Aural Adult Rehabilitation Conference & Seventh International Sensory Aids Conference, Portland, Me. Contact: Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation, (617) 628-4537.

15-18, 11th Annual Mid-America Conference on Hearing, Louisville, Ky. Contact: Register online at www.midamericaconferenceonhearing.com.

30-June 1, 2nd Annual Beyond the Audiogram: Childhood Hearing Loss in the 21st Century Conference, Boxborough, MA. Contact: (617) 787-8162.

31, Nuts & Bolts in Solving Fitting Problem Cases, Sydney, Australia. Contact: Helen Horner, (866) 864-6449.

JUNE 2003

2-6, Vestibular Assessment and Management, St Petersburg, Fla. Contact: Louise Strouse, (800) 245-6442; email: [email protected].

12-15, 37th Annual Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology Summer Institute, Kerrville, Tex. Contact: www.audrehab.org.

20-22, Acoustic Neuroma Association 16th Annual Symposium, Anaheim, Calif. Sponsored by the House Ear Clinic. Contact: www.anausa.org.

26-29, Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH) Annual Convention, Atlanta. Contact: www.shhh.org.

19-21, Colorado Hearing Society Continuing Education Program, Snowmass Village, Colo. Contact: Nonean Price, (303) 238-4411.

JULY 2003

13-25, The Clarke School for the Deaf, 21st annual Summer Adventure, Northampton, MA. For more information, contact the program information office at (413) 584-3450, or email [email protected].

17-19, Arkansas Hearing Society annual convention, Embassy Suites Hotel, Little Rock, Ark. For more information, contact James Mason at (870) 239-3072.

18-19, “The Sounds of the City,” the Biennial International Conference of Auditory-Verbal International Inc, Baltimore. Contact: AVI at (703) 739-1049.


21-24, American Academy of Otolaryngology Annual Meeting, Orlando, Fla. Contact: www.entnet.org.

25-27, Management of the Tinnitus Patient, Iowa City, Iowa. Contact: www.uihealthcare.com.

27-28, Advanced Competency in the Evaluation and Treatment of Complex Balance Disorders, Evansville, Ind. Contact: North American Seminars Inc, (800) 300-5512.


9-10, National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research, Portland, Ore. Contact: Carolyn Landsverk, [email protected],   or Gaby Saunders, [email protected].

22-24, Vestibular Assessment, The American Institute of Balance, St Petersburg, Fla. Contact: Louise Strouse, Program Coordinator, (800) 245-6442; email: [email protected].


12-14, Vestibular Rehabilitation, St Petersburg, Fla. Contact: (800) 245-6442.

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