4-7, Vestibular Rehabilitation Workshop, Seminole, Fla. Contact: Louise Strouse, (800) 245-6442, fax (727) 398-4914.

5-7, Advanced Workshop in Auditory Evoked Potentials and Otoacoustic Emissions, New Orleans. Contact: course coordinator, Kresge Hearing Research Laboratory, Louisiana State University Health Science Center, (504) 568-4785, fax (504) 568-4460.

6-7, Palm Springs Hearing Seminar, Palm Springs, Calif. Contact: Phil Burney, (760) 323-8405, fax (760) 323-8723;

13, Kresge Hearing Research Laboratory, LSU Health Sciences Center, One-day Tribute and Scientific Celebration to Honor Chuck Berlin. Contact: Linda Hood, [email protected].


10-11, Winter Audiology and Hearing Aid Conference, Tulsa Southern Hills Hilton, Tulsa, Okla. Sponsored by the Oklahoma Hearing Aid Association. Contact: (918) 386-0880.

17-18, Louisiana Society of Hearing Aid Specialists Annual Continuing Education Seminar, Baton Rouge, La. Contact: Donald or Theresa Taylor, (337) 981-6458.

23-25, Illinois Academy of Audiology Convention, Chicago. Contact: David Rompala, AuD, [email protected];


6-8, Academy of Audiology of Puerto Rico Convention, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Contact: Lucy Velez, (787) 758-7575, ext. 11585.

21-23, Ohio Academy of Audiology, “Audiology Discovers Columbus” Conference, Columbus, Ohio. Contact: Amy Szopa, [email protected].

MARCH 2003

6-7, 33rd Annual Mid-South Conference on Communicative Disorders, Memphis, Tenn. Contact: Emily Breegle, (901) 678-5800.

13-15, American Auditory Society 2003 Scientific and Technology Meeting, Sunspree Resort, Scottsdale, Ariz. Contact: Wayne Staab, (435) 574-0062;

3-6, 15th Annual American Academy of Audiology Convention, San Antonio, Tex. Contact: (800) AAA-2336.

MAY 2003

5-7, Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation of Somerville, Massachusetts, 2nd Adult Aural Rehabilitation Conference, Somerville, Mass. Contact: Geoff Plant.