march 2001
15-17, American Auditory Soc. Scientific and Technology Meeting, Scottsdale, AZ. Contact: Wayne J. Staab, (602) 789-0755. Email: [email protected].

22-25, New Frontiers in the Amelioration of Hearing Loss, Sheraton Clayton Plaza & Central Institute for the Deaf, St. Louis. Contact: Sarah Uffman, CID Dept. of Research, (314) 977-0278; fax: (314) 977-0030; email:

24, Audina Hearing Instruments Seminar, Roanoke, VA. Educational opportunity, CEUs/credits can be earned. Contact: Billie Howell, (800) 223-7700. Email: [email protected].

25-27, 22nd Northeastern Conference of Hearing Health Professionals Regional Continuing Education Seminar, Caesar’s Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, NJ. A pre-convention program is offered on March 24th. Contact: Paul Kenney, (908) 722-7202.

29-31, Nebraska Hearing Soc. Educational Seminar, Lincoln, NE. Contact: Ray Rosenow, (402) 475-1831.

29-31, New Development in the Practice of Modern Clinical Audiology, Kresge Hearing Research Laboratory, New Orleans. Speakers include Charles Berlin, PhD, and Linda Hood, PhD. Contact: Kresge Hearing Research Institute, (504) 568-4785.

29-April 1, NYS Speech-Language-Hearing Assn., Inc., 2001 Annual Convention, Hilton Rye Town, Rye Brook, NY. Contact: (800) 697-7542; email: [email protected].

30-31, North Dakota Hearing Aid Society Annual Meeting. Contact: Terri Qual, (701) 252-0700.

30-31, Kansas Hearing Aid Assn. Meeting, Ramada Inn and Tower, Topeka, KS. Contact: M. Day Kaufmann, (785) 266-4833.

31, Ohio Hearing Aid Society Meeting, Mansfield, OH. Contact: Blair Schwartz, (419) 747-9171.

april 2001
5-7, Wisconsin Speech Language Pathology and Audiology Assn. annual convention, Madison, WA. Contact: Laura Feldhake, [email protected]   or [email protected].

6, American Tinnitus Assn. Public Forum, San Diego, CA. Contact: ATA (800) 634-8978.

9, Refresher Seminar in Audiometry and Hearing Conservation; 10-12, Training Course in Audiometry and Hearing Conservation, Chicago/Woodfield area, IL. Contact: Mary, Acoustic Associates, Ltd., (847) 359-1068; (800) 349-2208.

16-18, Hearing Health 2001 Managed Care Summit, Reno, NV. Sponsored by Hear PO and Sonus. Contact: (800) 349-2208.

19-22, American Academy of Audiology Annual Convention, San Diego. Contact: AAA, (800) AAA-2336.

27-28, 22nd Annual Neuro Audiology Seminar in Savannah, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Savannah, GA. Contact: Barbara Gatens, (912) 927-5479.

may 2001
4-6, ENG Test Administration, Interpretation and Diagnosis of the Dizzy Patient, Stardust Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, NV. Speakers include Charles W. Stockwell, PhD, Dennis I. Bojrab, MD, Preston C. Calvert, MD. Contact: Kimberly A. Simenson, (800) 289-2150.

5, Audina Hearing Instruments Seminar, Chicago, IL. Educational opportunity, CEUs/credits can be earned. Contact: Billie Howell, (800) 223-7700. Email: [email protected].

5, National Day of Hearing Screening, Nationwide. Sponsored by Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH). Contact: Marilyn Finn, (301) 657-2248. Email: [email protected] . Website:

12-16, Combined Otolaryngological Spring Meeting (COSM), Palm Desert, CA. Contact: American Acad. of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery: (703) 790-8466. Email: [email protected].

17-19, Vanderbilt Adult Hearing Aid Solution and Fitting Hands-on Workshop, Nashville, TN. Contact: Kate Carney, (615) 936-5000. Email: [email protected].

17-20, Mid-America Conference on Hearing, Executive West Hotel, Louisville, KY. Contacts: Pat Cook, (859) 236-3865, fax: (859) 236-1690; Debra Drewry, (859) 283-5422. E-mail: [email protected].

21-25, Vestibular Assessment & Management, Clearwater/St. Petersburg, FL. Contact: Richard Gans, PhD, (800) 245-6442; fax: (727) 398-4914; email: [email protected]

june 2001
5, Principles of Noise Assessment, Chicago/Woodfield area, IL. Contact: Mary, Acoustic Associates, Ltd., (847) 359-1068;