Stimulus Generator for VNG
Interacoustics, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces a new stimulus generator to better support the oculomotor tests that can be performed with the Interacoustics VO25 Video Nystagmography system. The new Oculomotor stimuli, previously delivered via a light bar or a rotating drum, can now be projected in high resolution in front of the patient to provide a large field stimulus. The new stimulus platform reportedly allows for true flexibility, giving the clinician the opportunity to define all parameters of stimulation across pursuit, gaze, saccade, and optokinetic tasks. Custom images can also be imported into the system with ease. (800) 947-6334.

 Impression Material
Microsonic®, Ambridge, Pa, is now offering Mega-Sil™ in three distinctive colors. This flexible silicone impression material for earmolds reportedly helps hearing care professionals achieve more precise impressions. Mega-Sil is a premium, two-part vinyl polysiloxane impression material. Along with flexibility, Mega-Sil has “total memory,” which results in more accurate earmold impressions. Mega-Sil impressions are designed not sag or collapse, and are more tolerant of handling and shipping. The product is available in three colors: yellow, blue, and peach. (800) 523-7672.

 Tympanometer Ear Probes
Maico Diagnostics, Eden Prairie, Minn, has released an improved and technically advanced ear probe. The new MI 24 and MI 26 tympanometers allow the operator to control the tympanometer with the probe. In addition, the probe’s head can be adjusted to different angles for the operator’s comfort. Having controls on the probe allows the operator to focus on the patient and quality of the test instead of conducting the test. A series of colored lights show when the test is ready to start, when the test is complete, and if there are any errors due to blockage or an improper seal. Because accurate test results only come from an air-tight seal between the ear canal and the probe, the Maico probe is especially beneficial for detecting a proper seal and ensuring true results. (888) 941-4201.

 Instant Online Patient Application
CareCredit‚ Anaheim, Calif, has developed an instant online patient application that lets patients apply for financing in the comfort of their own home or from the practice—and receive a decision in seconds. The online application requires no paperwork or loan documentation to review or sign. Patients simply go to and click on the patients/clients link to apply. A great time-saver for practices, the online application option lets patients secure financing on their own in less than 30 seconds. Once the patient has received an approval, they simply inform the practice of the decision and, upon verification, can begin care right away. CareCredit offers a comprehensive range of plans including 3, 6, and 12-month no interest and 24, 36, and 48-month low interest payment plan options, and is currently at work in more than 40,000 practices nationwide.

 CIC Instruments
Lotus Technology Inc, Mooresville, NC, offers conventional, programmable, and 100% digital circuitry in all CIC products. LEGACY®, Lotus’ 100% digital circuitry, is available in two and four channels and has seven adjustable parameters, individual compression ratios, attack and release times, and the ability to select up to four memories. The programmable AGC-O circuitry comes with five adjustable parameters and the ability to select up to two memories. Both the LEGACY® and programmable AGC-O circuitries are programmed via PC fitting software and HI-PRO interface. In addition, the company’s conventional circuitry comes standard with one trimmer and all CIC products may have a set screw or manual volume control. Mooresville, NC. (877) 483-1072. 

 Digital Hearing Instrument
Rexton, Plymouth, Minn, introduces the Arena™ entry-level digital hearing instrument family. This family includes five distinct entry-level solutions with personalized features and price points. The fully digital platform is designed to provide the flexibility and user benefits not found with conventional analog products. Arena™ is said to be the only entry-level digital family in its class to offer enhancement options to help increase overall circuit performance and user acceptance. The add-on options include low-battery beep, power on delay, and microphone noise reduction. (800) 876-1141.

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