productDigital Hearing Aid
Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, introduces Adapto Power, a digital hearing aid with voice activation for severely hearing impaired people. The product provides a flexible range of accessories and options that can be tailored to each user’s is designed to detect individual needs and preferences, using a miniature computer chip called VoiceFinder™ that detect speech signals in the environment, and immediately processes those signals for better understanding. It is available in both full shell and BTE models, and contains a dynamic feedback cancellation system that enables it to add more gain in the high frequencies and optimize conditions for speech understanding and maximum audibility.

 productSoftware Package
ICS Medical, Schaumburg, Ill, introduces CHARTR EP with PediABR Version 3.0, a software package designed to aid in following up with infants that fail initial hearing screenings. It is meant to be combined with CHARTR OAE with 1kHZ tympanometry, and features updated default pediatric protocols, tone burst normative data, and in improved bone conduction capability. New features include a bone conductor connection box, a pedigram function key, and a pedigram threshold removal function. In addition, CHARTR EP offers a complete battery of neurodiagnostic and central auditory tests, including ECoG, P300, 40 Hz testing, MLR, and LLR.

 productDigital Instrument Software
Magnatone, Casselberry, Fla, introduces the PocketPro™ software package, designed for use with the TruVoice™ digital instrument and made to run on Windows PocketPC hand-held computers. This space-saving, portable fitting product works with the MicroConnect compact flash card and the PocketPC. In addition, programming and client information can be downloaded into a desktop or laptop computer.

 productVideo Otoscopy System
GN Otometrics, Bloomington, Minn, a division of GN ReSound, introduces the Madsen OtoCam™, a video otoscopy system designed for performing detailed visual inspection of the outer ear canal and tympanic membrane. The system consists of a compact control unit and a one-cable color CCD camera with an integrated LED light source that eliminates external light boxes common in other systems. It can be connected to any PC, video monitor, recorder, or printer, and is supplied with Madsen’s NOAH™-based digital image management software. The hand piece weighs 6 ounces and utilizes a focus free camera and electronic shutter to control brightness of the monitor image.

 productSoftware Update
Audina Hearing Instruments Inc, Longwood, Fla, announces that it has restructured its ezFit fitting software. The new update, version 3.1, contains the following new features: an improved patient database; ability to import previously saved settings into a hearing aid; new Autofit selections; ability to back up and restore the patient database; an enhanced help section; a preset adjustment menu for ease in troubleshooting a fitting; and a revised section for utilities such as price menus and order forms. Products supported by ezFit include Neuve DSP, Paragon 4 DSP, Paragon 2 DSP, Paragon Super Power DSP, and the company’s entire analog programmable product line.

 productVestibular Testing Mask
Interacoustics, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces the VO25 video oculography system, designed with a Windows-based software program. This product includes a lightweight mask that can be used to obtain occluded and non-occluded results. The mask is designed to fit a variety of face sizes, including young children. A visual laboratory generates digital optical stimuli that can be projected onto a wall for greater inclusion of the patient’s visual field, providing true OPK results.

 productDigital Hearing Instrument
Siemens Hearing Solutions, Piscataway, NJ, introduces the PHOENIX Pro, a digital hearing instrument with programmable controls. The Pro family consists of the Pro 102 mini BTE and the Pro 2 custom style instrument. Features of the Pro family include: dual compression; microphone noise reduction that quickly reduces gain whenever environmental noise is soft, and where low-level microphone noise could be audible; and programmable volume control.

 productDigital BTEs
Interton/AHS, Minneapolis, introduces two new high-power digital BTEs with state-of-the-art 100% DSP. The mega-power EVO is a three-channel instrument with 14 frequency bands (seven adjustable). The-mega power Staris is a two-channel instrument with nine frequency bands. Both products feature WDRC, wide-range AGCo, and have peak output of 136 dB with 83 dB of gain. In addition, both models contain Interton’s speech management system, that reportedly analyzes the time structure of the signal and reduces gain in the non-speech channels.

 productSound Level Meters
Rion, Tokyo, introduces the sound level meters NL-22/32, both with a new sound monitor card to expand functionality. The meters come with added USB interface and support for a wide variety of program card options. A dynamic range of 100 dB makes level switching unnecessary, and automatic measurement with audio recording is also possible. The measurement results can be stored directly on the CF card, which makes it simple to handle data from long-term measurements and to transfer that data to a computer for further processing.