photoDigital Circuits
Electone introduces their digitally programmable circuits, The Pointe™ and SDM2000™. The Pointe is a 2-channel WDRC circuit with two programmable memories and six programmable parameters. The SDM2000 is a single-channel circuit with up to three programmable memories and six programmable parameters. Electone also announces the release of their AudioAIM™ Directional Microphone System and the launch of their new interactive website,  
Electone, Longwood, FL, (800) 432-7483

photoSound Level Meter
Quest Technologies introduces a sound level meter, Model 210. The meter is affordable and easy-to-use for laboratory, community, military and industrial measurements, according to the company. The meter has a large LCD display measuring range of 40 – 130 dB and readings in 0.1 dB increments.
Quest Technologies, Oconomowoc, WI, (800) 245-0779

photoReuseable Earplugs
Dalloz Safety releases a new eight-page, four color brochure on the new Bilsom 555/556 reusable earplugs intended to protect against noise in construction environments. The earplugs are color-coded and are available in small and medium/ large sizes. The brochure also offers information on other Bilsom reusable earplugs, the Per-Fit Sound Silencer and Quietzone models, PerCap canal caps, and disposable earplugs including the 200 Series Eardown and 300 Series foam versions.
Dalloz Safety, Reading, PA, (800) 345-4112

photoMicroprocessor-based Audiometers
Earscan®, MicroLab® and DSP Pure Tone AudiometersTM are new products that Micro Audiometrics is offering. Earscan® and MicroLab® audiometers are microprocessor-based automatic audiometers that can test frequencies from 250-8000 Hz and levels from 0-90 dB. The Earscan® can be set up as a screening audiometer or a threshold audiometer and can be upgraded with acoustic impedance functions. DSP Pure Tone AudiometersTM test from 250 Hz through 8000 Hz and levels from -10 to 80 dB. It is portable and weighs 10 oz. The product includes a carrying case, test results pad and batteries.
Micro Audiometrics Corp., Murphy, NC,
(800) 729-9509

photoDSP Chip Technology
GN ReSound introduces AL 313 DSP chip technology used in the manufacture of the Digital 5000 and Danalogic digital product lines. This is reportedly the industry’s only software-based digital design, allowing the dispenser to download selected sound processing software into the hearing instrument and upgrading existing hearing instruments with the latest sound processing solutions.
GN ReSound, Redwood City, CA, (800) 248-4327

photoOAE Systems
Bio-logic Systems Corp. introduces three new products: Navigator Pro, ABaer (Automated Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) and Transient Otoacoustic Emissions (TAOAE) for hearing screenings.
     Navigator Pro is a portable diagnostic platform with multiple screening options. Hearing care professionals can use this device on those patients who fail two or more screening tests.
     ABaer offers three screening methodologies in a single platform. It can detect hearing loss at birth and can also be used for patients who fail more than two screening tests.
Bio-logic Systems Corp., Mundelein, IL,
(800) 323-8326

photoDigital Hearing Instruments
Widex presents Senso Plus 100% Digital CIC, ITE, BTE and Super Power BTE models which offer the longest battery life of any fully digital hearing instruments, according to the company. Senso Plus models can be fitted through Compass Fitting Software or by a hand-held programmer. The company also announces the A3 100% Digital mini-BTE that features high-level compression designed to automatically maximize speech intelligibility and listening comfort at high-level inputs. It features a two-channel digital signal processor (DSP); three digital trimmers (HTL low, HTL high and UCL) each with eight possible program settings; Varioslope filters designed for accurate and versatile fittings, and a standard digital volume control (±12 dB).
Widex, Long Island City, NY, (800) 221-0188

photoAntiseptic Applicator
The Purdue Frederick Company announces a new applicator known as Betadine PrepStick PLUS. The applicator’s unique design allows the desired amount of solution to be released by gently squeezing the handle between the thumb and forefinger. This action breaks the patented seal and saturates the foam swab-tip. It is 4 inches long and its handle is filled with antiseptic solution for clean and accurate prepping.
The Purdue Frederick Company, Norwalk, CT, (203) 853-0123

photo Acoustic Appraiser
Qualitone’s Acoustic Appraiser line consists of five models. Depending on the model chosen, standard features include compact disc player, cassette player, narrow band, warble tone (FM), independent twin-channel speech, master hearing aid with compression, talk-over, talk-back and true two-channel mixing.
     The Wide Range series features electronic frequency switching, narrow band masking, warble tone (FM) and independent attenuation of binaural speech in a 10.5 lb portable audiometer.
     The Auditory Screener series consists of two models featuring electronic frequency switching, pulsed or continuous tone, warble tone (FM), and patient signal for accurate pure tone screening.
All Qualitone audiometers conform to the following directives: ETL (9800303), ETL(C); IEC 601.1-1, 2ND EDITION 1988 NOS 1&2; ISO 9001; ANSI/UL-2601-1; CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1-M90; CE (0086).
Qualitone, Minneapolis, MN, (800) 328-3897

photoHearing Aid Analyzers
The Audioscan® RM500
series real ear/hearing aid analyzers are designed for use with hearing instrument testing and fitting software. Each unit offers time-varying test signals to predict output levels and range for real speech processed by analog and digital hearing instruments and FM systems. The units offer automated procedures for measuring acoustic transforms, such as the real-ear-to-coupler difference (RECD), speech spectra for soft, average and loud vocal efforts, FM microphone positions and automatic conversion of test box measures to real-ear output.
Audioscan, Dorchester, ON, Canada, (800) 265-2093

photoAlarm Clock
Ameriphone, Inc. announces its Wake Assure Alarm Clock, intended to make sure that users awaken on time. It is geared toward people with hearing impairment and those who have a deep sleeping problem. The alarm clock uses a loud buzzer, a lamp flasher and a bed shaker with volume and tone control adjustments to suit their hearing needs. Users can use the buzzer, lamp flasher and the bed shaker individually or all three simultaneously.
     The alarm will go on and off every five minutes for one full hour or until it is turned off when set in auto mode. A large, lighted snooze/reset button is top-mounted on the unit for convenience. The clock also features a security setting that can turn on a light at a specified time, oversized control buttons and a bright two-inch tall display for day or night use. Its 9-volt battery backup keeps the time and alarm setting current in case of power outage, according to the company.
Ameriphone, Inc., Garden Grove, CA, (800) 874-3005

photoHearing Aid Batteries
Rayovac ULTRA® Pro Line® offers hearing care professionals and their patients the world’s longest lasting premium zinc air hearing aid batteries, according to the company. Rayovac ULTRA Pro Line offers: 1) A breakthrough in thin metal construction designed to provide a performance advantage over others, lasting up to 30% longer than leading competitors; 2) Packaging enhanced with bold, new graphics and features ULTRA sub-branding to communicate Pro Line’s performance advantage to consumers; 3) Year-round promotional and free marketing support so hearing care professionals can be their patient’s full service hearing care provider without spending a lot of time creating marketing programs. Pro Line offers personalized battery clubs, greeting cards, patient mailings, office signage and attractive point of purchase display units.
Rayovac Corp. , Madison, WI, (800) 356-7422

photoDirectional Hearing Aid
Telex introduces the Slide Switch IntelliMic from RTI that combines the activation switch (omni to directional) with the microphone capsule, allowing a sleeker faceplate design. The company can build a programmable aid using the IntelliMic and include a program switch and amplified t-coil switch. Also, because of its reduced size, half-shell directional ITEs will be available in all programmable and compression circuits. IntelliMic is said to provide an overall signal-to-noise improvement of 6.4 dB and be extremely affordable. Telex’s website,, will provide information about the new Sontiva™ digital signal processing hearing instrument line.
Telex Communications Inc., Minneapolis, MN, (800) 328-8212

photoComputer-based Audiometer
Madsen Electronics offers screening, clinical and diagnostic audiometers in stand-alone and computer-based systems, computerized real ear measurement systems, and clinical/screening otoacoustic emissions systems.
     AuricalTM, a modular system, provides computerized 2-channel audiometry and loudness scaling, and a real ear measurement system with the ON TOP mode. The ON TOP mode projects the real ear results and the programmable fitting module on the same screen. Aurical can be configured with a built-in Hearing Aid Test Box and a built-in HI-PRO Programmer. CapellaTM (TEOAE/ DPOAE) and Echo-ScreenTM (TEOAE) represent the clinical and screening OAE products. Both Capella and Aurical are NOAHTM compatible and Echo-Screen is OZTM and Hi-TRACKTM compatible.
Madsen Electronics, Minnetonka, MN, (800) 362-3736

photoPower BTEs
Lori/Unitron’s ICON AoHP mini-BTE and US 80 PP BTE are designed to be two of the most powerful hearing instruments on the market. Suitable for severe-to-profound hearing losses, both products feature four controls for maximum fitting flexibility, a powerful pre-amplified telecoil and DAI. Both products are also available in low-frequency emphasis models and are FM-compatible. The ICON and the US 80 are especially recommended for children.
     Lori/Unitron also offers a variety of high-power custom models that are suitable for severe hearing losses. Choices available are Class D or B (Push-Pull) circuitry, linear or output compression, peak outputs from 120-126 dB and peak gain from 60-68 dB.
Lori/Unitron, Golden Valley, MN, (800) 888-8882

photoITE Instrument
The Beethoven, manufactured by Magnatone, is designed to be a powerful, clean-sounding ITE instrument. Driven by a Class B hybrid circuit, it delivers high gain (60 dB avg. FOG) and output (129 dB SPL) with low total harmonic distortion and input noise. The feedback control (FCP), included as a standard feature, allows control of the high frequencies and reduces the feedback potential of the instrument. The aid also features the patented Rid-Wax Barrier system and is recommended for moderate-to-severe losses with UCLs of 120 dB SPL or higher and MCLs up to 120 dB SPL.
     The MegaPower, manufactured by Interton of Germany and distributed by Magnatone, is a Class B power BTE. The instrument uses a Size 13 battery and provides 78 dB full-on gain, maximum 137 dB SSPL90 and offers Class B output compression. It features four adjustable trimmer controls (power, high frequency, low frequency and gain), M-MT-T switch and optional audio input.
Magnatone, Casselberry, FL, (800) 327-5159

photoPersonal Care Products
Warner Technologies introduces its newest product line, Tech-care™ personal care products. The company offers a full line of products and flexible programs designed to help grow the businesses of hearing care professionals. The company reports that it is fast becoming the single-source supplier with the most complete line of hearing aid products for manufacturers, dispensers and audiologists.
Warner Technologies, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, (800) 328-4757

photoScreening/Diagnostic Audiometer
Maico Diagnostics has a new line of portable screening/diagnostic audiometers and impedance instruments. The ERO-SCAN OAE test system is a new product that combines screening OAEs with diagnostic flexibility. NOAH compatibility, a standard RS232 port and optional insert phones are also new features. Additionally, the company has made engineering changes to the MA 39, MA 40 and MA 41 series.
Maico Diagnostics, Eden Prairie, MN, (888) 941-4201

photoHearing Aid Test System
Frye Electronics introduces FONIX 6500-CX Hearing Aid Test System that may be purchased with the Quick Probe Option for real ear measurements. The Quick Probe module for the FONIX 6500-CX allows the user to run the instrument conveniently next to the client.
     The FONIX FP40 Portable Hearing Aid Analyzer includes extensive programming with DSL[i/o] and Audibility Index. The desk model version of the instrument is the FP40-D. Measurement is standard on the “D” and an option on the FP40.
     The FP35 is small and lightweight, and is available with a soft or a hard case. The ANSI ‘96 test sequence is now available.
     FONIX FA-10 and FA-12 Digital Hearing Evaluators are digital audiometers featuring a master hearing aid and built-in microphones for speech testing. White noise, narrow band and speech noise are standard, as is the Stenger test. The units may be purchased with dual calibration, headset and insert earphones. The FA-10 differs from the FA-12. The FA-10 has an Output Reverse button while the FA-12 has a +10 dB button. Both instruments are available in 110 or 220 volt operation.
Frye Electronics, Inc., Tigard, OR, (800) 547-8209 

photo Pure Tone Audiometer
Grason-Stadler, Inc., introduces the GSI 17 pure tone manual audiometer, designed to be used for hearing screening situations in schools, hearing health care practices and physicians’ offices. It features a full frequency and intensity range with steady, pulsed and frequency modulated (FM) tone presentations. It is compact in size and is designed for easy portability.
Grason-Stadler, Inc., Milford, NH, (800) 700-2282

photoProduction Microscopes
Bio-Medical Technologies introduces two new production microscopes, BioVID and Paragon Production Microscopes.
     BioVID is a video microscope with a zoom lens of 7x to 45x and a working distance of 90 mm. The camera is a color CCD with 480 lines of resolution. A glare-free 5.5 inch Flat Panel TFT Video Monitor is mounted on a swing arm that can be positioned for an optimum viewing angle. The instrument can be useful for circuit board observation and inspection.
     The Paragon Production Microscope features an inclined binocular, 360-degree rotating head, dual 10x wide field with 1x and 3x objective. It has a 170 mm available working height and a 115 mm x 149 mm stage.
Bio-Medical Technologies, Mandeville, LA, (800) 344-7261

photoDual Hearing Protection System
Peltor and E-A-R Auditory Systems have developed a new hearing protection system, Peltor/E-A-R High Performance Series, designed to make monitoring hearing protection compliance easier. The series combines clear Peltor low-profile earmuff cups with either E-A-R’s Classic or E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neons foam earplugs. It is the first system to allow managers who monitor worker compliance to visually check if earplugs are being worn properly, without disturbing the worker or asking them to remove their outer hearing protection, according to the company. The product’s Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) range from 33-36 NRR. The company reports that every pair of Peltor High Performance earmuffs includes 10 pairs of either E-A-R Classic or E-A-Rsoft Yellow Blast earplugs.
     Peltor and E-A-R developed the High Performance Series in part to address a change in the Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulation. The new regulation requires the use of dual-hearing protection (using a combination of earmuffs and earplugs) in environments with 105 decibel or greater noise levels.
Peltor and E-A-R Auditory Systems, Indianapolis, IN, (800) 624-5955

photoPower Digital Instruments
Widex Hearing Aid Co. introduces the Senso C18 Plus Power BTE, a fully digital three-channel instrument that offers features such as an Enhanced Sound Stabilizer, Speech Intensification System and Speech Enhancement Algorithm, Automatic Feedback Management, In-Situ Threshold Measurement (Sensogram) and Extended Input Dynamic Range. The Fully Digital Senso C19 Plus Power Directional model builds on that with the additional advantages that come with a directional microphone.
     According to Widex, the Super Power Senso P37 and P38 hearing instruments are the first fully digital hearing instruments for adults and children with severe-to-profound hearing losses. The Super Power hearing instruments offer the performance of Senso models and over 140 dB SPL peak output, a low battery indicator, an optional volume control, direct audio input compatibility and more. Senso Plus and Senso models are designed to offer the longest battery life of digital hearing instruments of comparable functionality, according to the company.
Widex Hearing Aid Co., Long Island City, NY, (800) 221-0188

photoRechargeable Battery
Plainview Batteries announces a new rechargeable battery, Nickel Metal Hydride Size #13 (NH20), for use by hearing instrument manufacturers. The battery has a nominal voltage of 1.2 V and its minimum capacity at C/5 is 20mAh. It is designed to fit in BTE, ITE and ITC instruments. The battery is said to provide manufacturers with the option of offering a battery sealed inside the hearing instrument, and the battery can be recharged by placing the instrument on or in a charger without the consumer opening the instrument or changing batteries.
Plainview Batteries, Plainview, NY, (516) 249-2873

photoSoundfield System
Phonic Ear Inc., announces the release of VocaLight, a soundfield system intended to facilitate teaching and better comprehension for students in schools.
     VocaLight operates on two wide-band infrared frequencies for students to hear full sound with good bass tone and less hiss. The infrared light transmits the teacher’s voice to the surrounding speakers and does not allow the signal to be picked up by neighboring classes, according to the company.
     The receiver has a 140o reception angle to reduce dropout. It can pick up a signal from anywhere in a 7 x 9 m/25 x 30 ft. room. When paired with the two optional external sensors, the system will cover a 10.5 x 10.5 m/35 x 35 ft. area. It includes an audio-out jack for recording or connecting to FM transmitters used by children with hearing impairment. The receiver features two built-in channels intended to make team-teaching and student participation convenient. Each speaker uses a wireless transmitter on each of the two channels.
     The receiver is compact in size and is designed for easy installation. The controls on the front are volume knobs for channel A, channel B, auxiliary input and a treble control.
    The four small speakers (or a single ceiling-speaker cluster) are designed to distribute the teacher’s voice evenly across the room to overcome the effects of distance, background noise and echo on communication. Teachers don’t have to speak loud to be heard inside the classroom and have reduced vocal fatigue, according to the company.
Phonic Ear Inc., Petaluma, CA, (800) 227-0735

photoZinc-Air Batteries
Renata “Swiss Made” Zinc-Air Batteries are now available in color-coded wheels of 4, 6 and 8, with both Spanish and English text, and come marked with a three-year freshness guarantee. Renata also offers displays, window stickers, counter signs and consumer carrying cases.
Renata, Dallas, TX, (800) 527-0719

Edroy Products announces the company’s Millennium Magni-Focuser which features a streamlined appearance and lighter lenses and lens plates than the previous model. The product is available with or without a light and a bifocal lens. It features an adjustable, contoured padded vinyl headband that reportedly “guarantees a perfect fit for everyone.” The Magni-Focuser is lightweight and washable and can be worn over glasses. Its high-impact, non-corrosive ABS plastic front lens unit is shatter proof and scratch resistant, and its lack of a center post ensures that the user’s field of vision is not obstructed. The company also makes the Opticaid and the Spring Clip Opticaid.
Edroy Products, Nyack, NY, (914) 358 6600

photoBTE/FM Instrument
AVR Sonovation announces the Logicom-20/P BTE/FM. Logicom-20’s integrated FM receiver is designed to eliminate the need for attachable FM boots or external antennas. Designed as a state-of-the-art multiprogram hearing instrument, Logicom-20/P combines Extend-Ear, the first BTE/FM aid, with ImpaCt DSR675, the first power BTE capable of moving critical high-frequency speech information to lower frequencies, according to the company. Logicom-20/P is designed for individuals with moderate to profound hearing loss in the low frequencies and severe to profound hearing loss in the high frequencies. Like ImpaCt DSR675, Logicom-20/P has a maximum SSPL90 of 136-138 dB and 75 dB of peak gain.
AVR Sonovation, Eden Prairie, MN, (800) 462-8336

photoVisual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) System
Colorado Hearing Systems, Inc., announces the release of the Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) System designed to identify infants and toddlers with hearing loss outside the audiology sound suite. The instrument consists of a modified audio cassette player and hand-held control paddle to present frequency-specific auditory signals at measured intensities through loud-speakers in any quiet room. It determines hearing levels in developmentally delayed children, impaired but trainable children and older tactile children who refuse to wear earphones. The product can be used for follow-up field testing of at-risk children and children with universal hearing screening concerns.
Colorado Hearing Systems, Inc., Denver, Colorado, (303) 333-6681

photoFitting System
MedRx, Inc., introduces the OtoWizard, a state-of-the-art fitting system that integrates real ear measurements and video otoscopy, while featuring “real time” live speech mapping to verify hearing instrument fittings. The system includes audiometry, loudness scaling, a hearing loss simulator, master hearing aid, articulation index (AI), automatic occlusion effect, speech sounds overlay, fitting rules, hearing instrument selection protocol, hearing aid analyzer and patient database.
     The OtoWizard is NOAH compatible and reportedly features user-friendly graphic interfaces and easy-to-use software. The system is designed to fit high-tech hearing instruments.
MedRx Inc., Seminole, FL, (888) 392-1234

photoBTE With FM
Phonic Ear introduces the Sprite BTE programmable, non-linear hearing instrument with a built-in FM receiver. This BTE is produced in collaboration with Oticon, Bernafon and Rion and offers WDRC. The hand-held programmer allows automatic fitting according to DSL, DSL [i/o], NAL-RP or POGO II protocols. Manual adjustments are also possible. For hearing at a distance, the unit features two interchangeable FM channels (or one FM channel and a telecoil). Two models cover the range from normal hearing (for CAPD applications) through profound loss with output up to 135 dB SPL and gain of up to 75 dB. The first release of this product is intended for educational audiologists with a second version scheduled for release late this year intended for dispensing audiologists.
Phonic Ear Inc., Petaluma, CA, (800) 227-0735

photoProgrammable Circuit
Micro-Tech introduces Nx2, a programmable circuit combining dual-band versatility with a Resonance Booster to create a circuit with features reportedly never before achieved in a WDRC instrument. The Nx2 is designed to change preconceived notions about Class D WDRC circuits. Micro-Tech’s Titanium BTE with Nx2 is a miniature BTE that features a cylindrical titanium case. Designed for durability, it is reported to be virtually indestructible, affords superior resistance to moisture and provides maximum shielding from cell phone signal interference.
Micro-Tech Hearing Instruments, Plymouth, MN,  (800) 745-4327