d05a.jpg (9442 bytes)Hearing Aid Workstation
Lightning Enterprises, Limington, Me, introduces the Audio Repair Workstation, a complete laboratory designed for efficient hearing aid repair and modification. The laboratory is constructed of powder-coated steel, and includes an extra wide laminated top for ample work area. It also includes a 26A Redwing Lathe, 2 dust collectors with splash hoods, professional hearing aid vacuum/cleaner, UV cure system, a control module, and a Mod Tool Kit with burrs, buffs, and more. The laboratory is 35 inches in width by 27 inches in depth by 56 inches in height. (877) 546-1797; www.lightningenterprises.com.

d05a.jpg (9442 bytes)Earplugs
Sonomax Hearing Healthcare Inc, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, offers the Sonomax Solution™, high-tech earplugs, which are injection-molded from hypoallergenic silicone by Bayer MaterialScience LLC, Pittsburgh. The cord connecting the plugs is made from Texin® 285 resin and the cord safety-release anchors. The full-blocking filter inserts are made from Texin 245. The Sonomax Solution earplugs meet the National Institute for Occupational Safety’s hearing protection criteria. (877) 766-6629; www.sonomax.com.

d05a.jpg (9442 bytes)Portable Personal Listener Plus
Clarity, Chattanooga, Tenn, a division of Plantronics Inc, Santa Cruz, Calif, introduces the Clarity Professional™ Personal Listener Plus 100 (PL100), a lightweight, portable personal listening amplifier for people with varying degrees of hearing loss. Containing a small omni-directional microphone and a comfortable earhook, the PL100 is sleek and amplifies incoming sounds up to 40 dB. By aiming the microphone in the direction from which a sound is emanating, the PL100 improves sound quality and clarity. The PL100 is best used in one-on-one situations. (800) 552-3368; www.clarityproducts.com.

d05a.jpg (9442 bytes)Aurical USB Port
Ensuring that GN Otometrics’ products are updated according to market requirements, GN Otometrics, Bloomington, Minn, announces that, beginning in February 2005, all Madsen Auricals will have a USB port for personal-computer connection instead of a serial port. The USB port will facilitate connection to computers that do not have a physical serial port. This solution provides the same connectivity possibilities as a traditional Aurical with a serial port and a USB-to-serial converter. (800) 362-3736; www.gnotometrics.com.

d05a.jpg (9442 bytes)Wireless Video Otoscope
Pehratek Products, Chaska, Minn, introduces the Scope-Link wireless video otoscope and 7-inch, color LCD monitor with built-in wireless receiver system. This portable, lightweight system weighs less than 8 pounds and can be easily taken to health fairs, open houses, or remote sites to troubleshoot hearing aids, patient education, or marketing purposes. In addition to the Welch-Allyn video otoscope, wireless video transmitter, and monitor, Scope-Link comes with rechargers and a carry case. The system transmits clear images up to 100 feet through walls or sound booths and can be interfaced to a computer or printer for image storage. (866) 470-3532; www.pehratek.com.

d05a.jpg (9442 bytes)Wireless AEP and OAE System
Integrity™, by Vivosonic, Toronto, is reportedly the industry’s first wireless AEP (ABR/ASSR)/OAE system. It combines Amplitrode™, an in-situ pre-amplifier, and VivoLink™, Vivosonic’s wireless interface, into one diagnostic instrument. Integrity allows audiologists to perform effective ABR and ASSR testing even in environments where electromagnetic noise is present. The wireless interface eliminates cumbersome wires and cables, and allows for increased mobility during the test session, which is particularly advantageous when testing infants. (877) 255-7685; www.vivosonic.com.