Chiquita Ewert
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Nikolas Klakow

Bernafon Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, announces the appointment of Chiquita Ewert to product manager. Ewert has 9 years of experience as a research audiologist, customer service manager, and product manager. She has an MS degree from the University of Utah, and is currently pursuing an AuD at the Arizona School of Health Sciences. In addition, Bernafon has hired Nikolas Klakow as regional territory manager for the Northwest. Klakow has a BS degree in audiology from the University of North Carolina. Previously, he dispensed hearing aids, provided diagnostic services, and co-authored the children’s book Patrick Gets Hearing Aids.

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Amanda Blue
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Gretchen Zehring

Audiology Foundation of America
The Audiology Foundation of America (AFA), West Lafayette, Ind, announces the 2002 Outstanding AuD Student Award. This year’s winners are Amanda Blue and Gretchen Zehring, who are third year students at the University of Texas-Dallas and Ball State University. Both students will receive a $4,500 scholarship for the 2002-2003 academic year. They will be honored at an upcoming luncheon to be held at their respective universities.

Telex Communications
Telex Communications Inc, Burnsville, Minn, has hired Richard Dean as director of business development for the education market group. Dean has held a variety of marketing and sales positions that have involved providing technology-based solutions for enhancing student performance in the classroom.

MedRx Inc, Seminole, Fla, has relocated its operations to a new 18,000 sq-ft facility in Seminole. The move marks the fifth time since 1994 that the company has relocated due to expansion.