American Academy of Audiology
Three new staff members have joined the organization.

Ed Sullivan will assume the position of director of membership. He will be responsible for member applications, benefits and services. Sullivan is a West Point graduate and a retired US Army Officer where he was a director for 10 years.

Delores “Dee” Willett will be the director of expositions. She has 10 years of meeting, exhibit and program experience. Delores will be responsible for working with exhibitors for conventions.

Sydney Hawthorne Davis will serve as the director of communications. She has a broad knowledge in marketing, advertising and public relations. She will be using her skills in marketing, publicity and the Internet to publicize the Academy’s accomplishments.

d06a.jpg (8383 bytes)Hearing Industries Association (HIA)
Three new directors, Micheal Skiera (top), Beltone Electronics; Ian McWalter (center), Gennum Corp; and Paul Erickson (bottom), Siemens Hearing Instruments, have been elected to serve on the board.

“HIA has a longstanding policy of incorporating the leading hearing aid companies at the highest levels of leadership in the association on a continuous basis,” says Carole Rogin, HIA president. “With the consolidation of the manufacturing sector, it is extremely important that HIA maintains the top level of corporate involvement in driving industry-wide initiatives. We salute all three individuals who have agreed to add HIA leadership to their already full plates with their new job responsibilities.”

Rogin extends appreciation to outgoing members Micheal Cannizzaro, Beltone Electronics; and Doug Barber, Gennum Corp.

Argosy Electronics announces several new appointments.

Mel Bartoul is the regional sales manager for Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. He has experience in sales and clinical/dispensing audiology. Bartoul holds an MA in audiology from Cleveland State Univ.

Barbara Hansen joins as an export manager/administrative assistant. She has more than nine years of experience in exporting.

Chad Parrish has been appointed as the regional manager for North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Parrish earned his BA from the Univ. of Wisconsin.

Susan Shmel, Kurt Eckman, Katie Bettenberg and Ayla Recel have been appointed as the regional account managers.

Shmel will be responsible for the Southeast and Minnesota. She holds an MBA from the Univ. of Oklahoma.

Eckman will manage New England states, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana. He has more than 15 years of experience in new order entry, repair, design and assembly of Argosy products.

Bettenberg will manage Illinois. She earned a BS from Mankato State Univ. in Minnesota.

Recel will be responsible for New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC and Puerto Rico. She graduated from Univ. of Minnesota with a BA in Psychology.

Symphonix Devices, Inc.
Terence J. Griffin has been appointed as CFO. He will be responsible for the financial and administrative departments, and investor relations. “He will bring a wealth of knowledge to Symphonix with his background in high technology and finance,” says Kirk Davis, president and CEO. Griffin will be working on commercialization of the Vibrant Soundbridge, a semi-implantable hearing device that has recently been recommended for approval by the FDA for marketing authorization in the US.

“Results from clinical trials for the Symphonix Vibrant Soundbridge, coupled with early feedback from commercial sales in Europe, confirm the potential role of this technology,” Griffin said. “I look forward to contributing to the successful introduction of a product that could benefit millions of hearing-impaired individuals.” Griffin has more than 16 years of experience working for technology, medical device and medical imaging companies. He has a BS in Accounting from Loyola Marymount University and is a member of the Financial Executives Institute and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

d06d.jpg (5612 bytes)Rexton, Inc.
Katie Kelley (left), Dawn White and Chuck Oliver have joined the inside sales team.

Kelley is appointed as Northwest territory manager. She will be responsible for servicing accounts in Alaska, Montana, Northern California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. Kelley has more than 10 years of experience in retail and outside sales. She holds a BS from the Univ. of Missouri.

White will be the Northwest regional manager. She will service accounts in Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. She has more than nine years of experience in the hearing industry. Her past experience includes dispensing hearing aids and technical support of hearing aids for manufacturers. White holds a BA in Communications from Michigan State Univ. and an MS in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the Univ. of Arizona.

d06e.jpg (5503 bytes)Oliver (left) will serve as the Mid-Atlantic regional manager. He will service accounts in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Oliver has more than 18 years of experience in the hearing industry including 13 years of experience in dispensing hearing instruments.

Hearing Health Center
David Powell, MA, CCC-A, is named as a licensed clinical audiologist for the Chicago team.

Powell holds a BA degree in Speech and Hearing from the Univ. of Iowa, and an MA in Audiology from Louisiana State Univ.

d06f.jpg (4562 bytes)ITT Industries, Cannon
Lee Han (left) has been appointed as private branding manager. He will be responsible for expanding Cannon’s private branding initiatives, facilitating all joint manufacturing agreements and identifying suppliers for Cannon in the Americas. “Han’s extensive experience and expertise with projects involving electro-mechanical products will be instrumental in pushing forth our private branding efforts,” says Frank Breslin, director of sales and marketing. Han earned his BS degree in mechanical engineering from Fong-Chia Univ. in Taichung, Taiwan, and an MS in mechanical engineering from Univ. of Southern California.

Audiology Foundation of America

For the eighth consecutive year, the Audiology Foundation of America (AFA) has awarded Alliance Fellowships of $2500 each to fulltime residential Au.D. degree students. This Fall 10 merit-based scholarships were awarded to students in AuD degree programs. Each Fellow receives a check for $2500 and a wall certificate from their Alliance Fund sponsor.

The AFA provides annual merit scholarships for new career entrants into audiology via its Alliance Fellowship Program. The pressing campaign to replenish the Fund in order to continue to support residential AuD students begins in earnest this Fall. The AFA has supported 68 different AuD students from the Fund’s inception in 1993-94 through the 2000-01 school year. Over $400,000 has been awarded to students via this program.

This year’s students and their sponsors are: Brooke Abbott, Westone; Gina Geissler, Unitron; Kimberly Hoffman, Beltone; Julie Marche, Starkey; Molly Moore, Starkey; Shannon Van Hyfte, Beltone; Matthew Rumsey, Siemens; Monara Starrs, Phonak; Courtney Volle, Siemens; Margaret Wittmer, Starkey.

Shelly Coyle, Michelle Schneider, Renee Flacksbarth, John Pak, and Peggy Phillips have joined the company as microfactory managers. Each will direct a team of technicians and administrative support to build, service, quality check and ship hearing aid order.

Coyle will be responsible for Colorado, Arizona and Nevada. Schneider will manage Rhode Island, Main, Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut. Flacksbarth will be responsible for Ohio and Kentucky. Pak will manage New York and New Jersey, and Phillips will manage Michigan. These managers will be the primary contact for all aspects of hearing aid orders.

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