Advanced Digital Intstrument
United Hearing Systems, Central Village, Conn, introduces Nuance, a high-end digital product. Nuance features: new shell configurations that offer improved comfort and relief from occlusion; digital feedback reduction; multi-microphone directional processing; four independent channels; a 12-band equalizer; easy-to-use software with rapid read and burn technology; ultra-quiet performance; and low battery consumption. (800) 835-2001;

 Wireless Communication Device
Phonak LLC, Warrenville, Ill, introduces SmartLink SX, an integrated wireless communication device. SmartLink SX incorporates an advanced FM transmitter, a remote control, and Bluetooth technology. SmartLink also features: three-phase signal recognition and digital audio processing; digital AudioZoom; Phonak’s Fine-Scale Noise Canceler, which reduces background noise and enhances digital voice; and digital synthesizer technology that enables online and automatic frequency synchronization between SmartLink and MicroLink. (800) 707-7333;

Howard Leight Industries, Smithfield, RI, offers new and improved MAX® Earplugs, featuring a modified design and softer material formulation for easy insertion and comfortable wearing, while retaining high NRR of 33 dB. The new MAX is slightly longer than the original, and the flange of its bell-shaped curve more closely follows the contour of the ear canal entrance. The softer material formulation provides improved attenuation at certain octave bands. (800) 327-1110;

 Hearing Instruments
GN ReSound, Bloomington, Minn, introduces upgrades to its Canta line of hearing instruments. All Canta CIC instruments now have a smaller, less visible design. The line has expanded to include ITC and CIC instruments with 3-mm vents to help alleviate occlusion. New features include: a dual-microphone adaptive directionality canal instrument, the Canta 730-D, and enhanced Digital Feedback Suppression for protection against feedback. The Canta2 family now features directionality and DFS technology. Most upgrades can be added to existing Canta instruments through the use of Aventa fitting software. (800) 248-4327;

 Hearing Conservation Program
Benson Medical Instruments, Minneapolis, offers the Solo Occupational Hearing Conservation DBMS, an OSHA-compliant hearing conservation program. New features allow Solo to: track separate baseline data for both left and right ears and automatically integrate the data for easy access; revise baselines with integrity by automatic and uniform implementation; and line-outs implementation to record standard threshold shifts with calculations that are designed to identify recordables that are not persistent. (612) 827-2222;

 Drain and Voltage Meter
Lightning Enterprises, Limington, Me, offers the BDM-2 Battery Drain and Voltage Meter, which supplies working voltage to a hearing aid while accurately measuring and displaying battery drain. BDM-2 can also measure DC voltage with a supplied voltage probe. It connects to the hearing aid battery compartment using a standard battery probe. BDM-2 can be used for testing, quality assurance, troubleshooting, or any situation where hearing aid battery drain or measured voltage needs to be displayed. Available in 120V/60 and 230V/50 versions. (877) 546-1797;