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The field of audiology has been rapidly developing new diagnostic techniques, with Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR) advancing quickly in the recent years. Vivosonic has implemented its patented Vivography™ (which uses the Linear Mean-Square Error Filter or the Kalman Filter) for ASSR recording in GN Otometrics’s CHARTR® ASSR system. Obtaining ASSR thresholds takes only several minutes. Vivosonic is now developing a novel solution for ASSR and ABR, anticipated to be available in 2004. A battery-powered, cell-phone-size control unit can be clipped to the patient’s clothing or located in an infant’s crib. It collects responses to air-or bone-conducted stimuli with a single channel or two channels, and communicates with a user-supplied notebook or desktop computer that automatically analyzes and detects responses. The true modular design, when integrated with the VivoScan™ with its common user interface for all test modalities, allows for any combination of ASSR, ABR, DPOAE, and TEOAE functions selected by the user. Also shared by all modalities is the data-management software that includes patient database, test planner, and test result database, allowing seamless review of results from all modalities. Contact Vivosonic at (877) 255-7685, or email: [email protected]