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PerkinsIn February 2003, Lightning Enterprises will release the new Lightning Vac Traveler, a compact vacuum pump/ suction system designed for portable hearing aid cleaning. The Traveler will equip professionals who make home visits with a convenient and effective means of extracting wax and debris from hearing instruments, as well as a method of drying or dehumidifying. The Traveler will include the popular Lightning Vac suction unit, vacuum jar desiccator, filter wand with five needle tips, and durable custom carrying case. The complete system weighs four pounds.

PerkinsWe will also release a full line of UV cure equipment to accommodate various aspects of hearing and repair and manufacturing. To complement our Dual-Lite and UV9W-2 stainless repair units, we will be offering a high intensity spot cure gun for fast and efficient repair or vent work, an oven system for hearing aid shell fabrication, and portable UV wand with integrated timer. (877) 546-1797;

Chris Perkins
Lightning Enterprises