1-2, Health Care 2006, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Nashville, Tenn. Contact: www.asha.org.

3, Freedom™ to Explore a World of Opportunities, Cochlear Americas, White Plains, NY. Contact: www.regonline.com/88792.

4, Freedom™ to Explore a World of Opportunities, Cochlear Americas, Binghamton, NY. Contact: www.regonline.com/88795.

5-8, American Academy of Audiology, AudiologyNOW! Annual Convention, Minneapolis. www.audiology.org.

12, Freedom™ to Explore a World of Opportunities, Cochlear Americas, Orange Village, Ohio. Contact: www.regonline.com/90819.

21, Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials (VEMP): A Hands-On Workshop, Mountain Home, Tenn. Contact: Joanna Tampas at [email protected]; (423) 9226-1171.

21-22, 27th Annual NeuroAudiology Seminar in Savannah, St. Joseph’s Hospital Center for OtoNeurology, Savannah, Ga. Contact: Barbara Gatens, (912) 819-2479; [email protected].

26-29, Western Canadian Symposium, Edmonton, Alberta. Contact: Armand Roy, (403) 262-2839.

26-30, Hearing Healthcare Providers of California, Indian Wells, Calif. Contact: Tricia Hunter, (916) 447-1975; [email protected].

27, Freedom™ to Explore a World of Opportunities, Cochlear Americas, Vienna, Va. Contact: www.regonline.com/90236.

27-29, 46th Annual Convention: Building on the Past to Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow, New York State Speech-Language-Hearing Association Inc, Saratoga, NY. Contact: (518) 786-0947; www.nysslha.org.

28, Advanced Technology Seminar in Audiological Assessment, ACE Centers, Newton, Mass. Contact www.acecenters.com.

28-29, 2006 Spring Convention, The Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Gull Brainerd, Minn. Contact: www.msha.net.

28-30, Otologic and Neurotologic Surgery Special Presentations for Audiologists and Audiology Students, Practical Anatomy and Surgical Education, St. Louis, Mo. Contact: www.pa.slu.edu/files/pa_files/otoneuro_AudiologyFlyer.pdf; www.pa.slu.edu.

3-6, Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners of Ontario, Huntsville, Ontario. Contact: Joanne Sproule, (705) 328-0907, [email protected].

4, Anniversary Benefit Gala, House Ear Institute, Los Angeles. Contact: (213) 353-7027.

5-6, 2006 ArSHA Convention, Arizona Speech Language Hearing Association, Tucson, Ariz. Contact: (800) 705-7510; www.arsha.org.

11, Freedom™ to Explore a World of Opportunities, Cochlear Americas, Wilmington, Del. Contact: www.regonline.com/90834.

11-14, Alabama/Georgia Society of Hearing Healthcare Providers Meeting, Gulf Shores, Ala. Contact: Phelan Webb, (205) 444-2299; [email protected].

12-13, Illinois Hearing Society Meeting, Springfield, Ill. Contact: Mike Lane, (217) 528-5230.

18, Advanced Technology Seminar in Audiological Assessment, ACE Centers, Lake Oswego, Ore. Contact www.acecenters.com.

18-21, Mid-America Conference on Hearing, Lexington, Ky. Contact: Debby Drewry, (859) 283-5404.

20-23, Audio Engineering Society, 120th Annual Convention, Paris. Contact: www.aes.org.

24-25, Nebraska Hearing Society Meeting, Lincoln, Neb. Contact: Marliese Mohlman, (402) 463-2431.

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31-June 3, NHS 2006—Beyond Newborn Hearing Screening: Infant and Childhood Hearing in Science and Clinical Practice, Cernobbio, Italy. Contact: www.nhs2006.polimi.it.

8-11, Hearing Health Care Alliance of New York Meeting, Saratoga Springs, NY. Contact: Fred Goossen, (585) 419-9702.

9, Nova Scotia Hearing Aid Association Meeting, Truro, NS. Contact: Marie Cole, (506) 857-4252.

20-24, Leadership Opportunities for Teens (LOFT), Sponsored by Phonic Ear, Pittsburgh. Contact: Dana Hughes at [email protected].

22-24, Texas Hearing Aid Association Meeting, Dallas. Contact: Scott Pospisil, (512) 447-1701.

23-24, Colorado Hearing Society Meeting, Frisco, Colo. Contact: Nonean Price, (303) 238-4411, [email protected].

23-27, AG Bell 2006 Convention, Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Pittsburgh. Contact: www.agbell.org.

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18-20, State of the Science Conference on Hearing Enhancement, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC. (202) 651-5335; www.hearingresearch.org.