Trey Knight
Lotus Technology Inc

Trey Knight, president of Lotus Technology Inc, Mooresville, NC, explains to HR how employee commitment has led to building a strong customer base.

Tell us about your company.
Lotus Technology Inc, the best-kept secret in the hearing aid industry, is a leading manufacturer of sophisticated, high-quality custom hearing aid products in the Southeast. We have built a very strong customer base by following through on our dedication to cutting edge technology, as well as our never-ending pursuit of absolute customer satisfaction. Built on the core idea of providing the industry with leading edge products, fast turnaround time, and exact quality standards, we find ourselves on the verge of stepping into the national spotlight. Demand for our products and services is growing. We recently completed our first round of equity infusion, which will allow us to expand our capabilities and bring our latest product, ISIS, to market.

Which of your products are you most enthusiastic about?
I am extremely excited about our new ISIS product. It is truly a marriage of style and technology. We believe it to be revolutionary in capabilities and styling. Some of the unique features of the unit include: open and closed fittings; a water resistant case; a side-mounted one-touch membrane sensor for memory control; and a mobile direct connection. The sensor assembly can perform a number of tasks from either environmental signal detection to a cell phone microphone input. ISIS eliminates the “plugged up” and “echo chamber” sensation. Same-day delivery allows for immediate hearing improvement.

What keeps your customers coming back?
Without question it is our people and their passion in Lotus. We have a unique group of employees that have allowed the organization to flourish. As an industry, we talk about technology, software, and quality. Granted, those are keys to any successful company and, honestly, they are givens in today’s environment. Without them you don’t get the opportunity to play at this level. But we are in a personal purchase decision based business and people make the difference in that process. Create raving fans by being unrelenting in your desire to make every transaction a unique and positive one, and you will never lack loyal customers. Our people embody this philosophy.

 Frank Robilotta
Executive Vice President
Audina® Hearing Instruments Inc

Frank Robilotta, executive vice president of Audina® Hearing Instruments Inc, Longwood, Fla, recently told HR about his company’s response to industry interest in over-the-ear hearing instruments.

Tell us about your company.
Audina® Hearing Instruments Inc was established in 1990 with a small team of dedicated, skilled individuals sharing a common vision—to build and distribute the finest products, while offering outstanding service with integrity and value. Today, Audina’s many associates continue to share that same commitment to designing and building advanced technology custom hearing instruments.

We take pride in our legendary first-class customer service. At Audina you will always hear a friendly voice with every call. We do not believe in automated answering systems. Personalized client service is always a top priority throughout our company.

Many of Audina’s engineering, technical, and sales associates have over 25 years of experience in the hearing industry. Devoted to improving the quality of life for hearing-impaired persons, we design and manufacture a complete line of BTE and custom hearing instruments, including digital, programmable, and analog technologies.

What is your most popular product?
There is a lot of interest throughout the industry focused on “over-the-ear” hearing instruments. We recently released the ARC™, a new custom 100% digital open-fitting hearing aid, offering the only custom approach for patients with a high frequency loss. The ARC takes advantage of the concha for a more natural listening experience while providing a secure fit. The unique shell design helps reduce the occluded sensation, and the helix microphone reduces wind noise. The success of this new instrument has been tremendous; our representatives have received very positive feedback from hearing care providers who have prescribed the ARC for their patients.

How do you stay on top of industry trends?
We are always listening to our clients and welcome feedback. Over the years, our leadership has built strong relationships with leading digital technology companies, allowing us to offer the latest advancements in the industry. Our team members research the trade publications to stay informed, and attend industry conventions and conferences to take advantage of opportunities to network with others.