Innovations In

 Auditec of St Louis begins its 33rd year with the introduction of several new auditory test recordings. Recent reports in professional journals have highlighted some new approaches to auditory testing. Hurley & Sells reported the results of extensive research on Auditec’s recording of the Northwestern University Auditory Test number 6 (NU-6). They have shown how the test can be shortened in many instances without destroying validity. Auditec has produced a recording, NU-6 Ordered by Difficulty, Version II, which follows the paradigm suggested by Hurley & Sells. Secondly, in collaboration with Keith, Auditec has introduced a time compressed sentence test (TCST) as an additional tool in the central processing battery. Finally, a masking level difference test for tones has been added to Auditec’s catalog. Contact Auditec at (800)669-9065; email: [email protected].