The Bacou-Dalloz Hearing Safety Group’s Web site has recently been expanded to provide a wide range of resources to help safety officers and industrial hygienists implement better hearing conservation programs worldwide. In the Hearing Conservation section at www.hearingportal.com, users can find information on global hearing conservation regulations, as well as posters, presentations, literature, and other tools to help design, set up, and conduct people-oriented hearing conservation programs.

Free resources available at hearingportal.com are specific to the Americas, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand, and include regional regulatory information and links; technical information on hearing conservation topics and protection devices; and programming tools including literature, posters and presentations.

Hearingportal.com offers a number of hearing conservation program aids for download, including a Noise Thermometer Poster, Earplug and Earmuff Instruction Posters, an OSHA Regulation Poster, a poster on “The 4 Cs of Hearing Protection,” and a PowerPoint presentation on Hearing Conservation Basics. Other downloads include a Hearing Glossary and hearing conservation literature. Many items are available both in English and Spanish.

The Americas regulatory section offers an OSHA Regulation Poster and links to OSHA regulations as well as other federal health and safety organizations’ resources related to noise in the workplace.

[SOURCE: Bacou-Dalloz, September 2006]