productHearing Aid Batteries
Sy Kessler Sales Inc, Dallas, offers RENATA Swiss Made batteries. RENATA, a company of The Swatch Group, has been producing zinc air batteries in Switzerland for over 10 years. Performance is reportedly top-ranked, and very consistent, from one battery to the next. Always freshness dated, and now with longer tabs, RENATA premium zinc air batteries are available only through hearing health care professionals. Battery displays, a private label program, and a variety of sales materials are available for same day shipment. (800) 527-0719; [email protected].

productDigital Amplifier
Best Computes, Altamonte Springs, Fla, introduces the Sound Plus digital hearing amplifier. This amplifier has a 40 dB HF average gain, and contains a frequency range of 100 to 7800 Hz, with less than 1% distortion. The Sound Plus is also an FM radio receiver that comes with a seek button for changing stations. For more information, call (800) 435-9583;

productInduction Loop Test Set
Oval Window Audio, Nederaland, Colo, introduces the FSM Induction Loop Test Set. This product is a complete measurement system for setting up and confirming proper operation of induction loop assistive listening systems as per international standards IEC118-4 and BS6083 part 4. The FSM consists of a hand-held LED display meter and CD recording of test signals. Measurement range is -39dB to +18dB, selectable flat or “A” weighted. Tests include field strength, frequency response, background noise, and listening checks. Dual insert earphones, carrying case, calibration, and installation conformity certificates are also included. (303) 447-3607;

productTelephone Solution
Unitron Hearing, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, introduces Conversa™ with ClearCall, a new approach for telephone use, feedback technology, and speech intelligibility in noise. Conversa offers a unique, convenient telephone solution. The device reportedly reduces feedback and diminishes background noise immediately to provide more comfortable listening. Conversa’s ClearCall technology is a response to the many challenges hearing aid wearers face when they use the telephone. It instantly attacks feedback within milliseconds of telephone use and eliminates the need for a telecoil or a separate program. People with hearing loss can pick up the phone and begin talking without fiddling with switches or experiencing feedback. (877) 492-6244;

productHearing Aid Batteries
Rayovac, Madison, Wis, announces performance improvements in Ultra® ProLine® hearing aid batteries. Packaging enhancements reportedly make using the batteries easier, especially for people with dexterity problems. The new battery technology offers up to 50% more power than prior “high power” batteries. This power increase eliminates the need for those with severe hearing loss to puchase higher power batteries, and the improved packaging incorporates: longer battery tabs that are easier to grasp; new graphics; and a double dial that positions a battery squarely in front of the door and prevents batteries from being lost. (800) 356-7422;

productSiemens Hearing Solutions
Note: The following entry should have appeared in the AAA preview section of the March 2003 issue of The Hearing Review, but was inadvertently left out. HR regrets the error. Here is that entry as it should have read:

Siemens delivers a way to increase efficiency in a seamless, holistic way. By integrating hearing solutions, such as TRIANO™, PRISMA™ 2, and PHOENIX™ Pro and information technology, like [email protected]™ and Practice Navigator, workflow processes are redefined supporting hearing care professionals in today’s hearing care environment. It’s time for a new way of working, thinking and delivering hearing care! Visit

productDigital Hearing Instrument
Oticon Inc, Somersetm NJ, introduces Gaia, a fully digital hearing instrument that offers a new solution in hearing by combining speech intelligibility and comfortable sound quality in one instrument. Gaia features the Gaia Sound System, a new amplification strategy from Oticon that consists of a proprietary comfort-based rationale and a set of dedicated sound quality enhancing features, built around OpenEar Acoustics™. The result is a hearing instrument designed to satisfy the needs of experienced users and to provide new users with a smoother adjustment period. The Gaia rationale is a comfort rationale, developed to make a wide range of speech audible to users while preserving loudness comfort in both quiet and noisy situations. Gaia also offers a choice between ASA2, NAL-NL 1, and DSL i/o rationales for increased fitting flexibility. (800) 526-3921;

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