News Headlines

  • Oticon Parent Takes Over Sonion Property
  • Harris Communications Celebrates 25 Years
  • Veterans Administration Installs Precision Acoustic Environment
  • AFA Otoscope Program Supports 130 AuD Students
  • Drug Approved to Treat Paget’s Disease
  • Researcher Voices Support for Binaural Cochlear Implants
  • 3D Systems Announces New Hearing Aid Manufacturing System

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  • Disparity Between Clinical Assessment and Real-World Performance with Hearing Aids By Mary T. Cord, Deniz Bakent, Sridhar Kalluri, and Brian Moore
  • Understanding Individual Differences in Aided Speech Recognition and Hearing Aid Success By Peggy Nelson, Benjamin Hornsby, Brian Moore, and Timothy Trine
  • Practical Approaches to Evidence-Based Practice By Ruth Bentler, Cheryl Eiler, and Benjamin Hornsby
  • Hearing Aids and Wireless Technology By Arthur Boothroyd, Kelly Fitz, Jon Kindred, Sergei Kochkin, Harry Levitt, Brian Moore, and Jerry Yanz
  • Warning: Do Not Add Aural Rehabilitation or Auditory Training to Your Hearing Aid Fitting Procedures By Robert W. Sweetow, Deb Corti, Brent Edwards, Sheila T. Moodie, and Jennifer Henderson Sabes
  • The Future of Hearing Aid Delivery By Harvey Abrams, Brent Edwards, Cheryl Eiler, Laurel Olson, and Bill Woods

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