Manual Volume Control Hearing System
SOUNDMANAGER from Hansaton Hearing Systems, Tampa, Fla, provides an alternative to conventional hearing systems. A winner of the 2006 red dot design award for its innovative housing design, SOUNDMANAGER measures barely 1 inch in length, and is the only hearing instrument in its class with manual volume control. In addition, SOUNDMANAGER offers high-end technology including noise suppression, speech detection, and phase cancellation feedback management. Offer your patients SOUNDMANAGER—instead of a hearing aid. (866) 449-9757;

Micro PC-Based Audiometer
MedRx Inc, Largo, Fla, presents their new advanced AVANT A2D two-channel audiometer, the third instrument in the company’s new generation of micro PC-based instrumentation. The AVANT A2D utilizes innovative sound-processing and sound-generating technology and is only 4x4x1 inches. This powerful audiometer allows fast and accurate air, bone, and speech testing and offers an intuitive user interface for data collection, patient monitoring, and counseling. Aside from the obvious size and portability advantages, the A2D offers a choice of either the TDH 39 headset or the insert phones and comes standard with bone oscillator, patient response switch, talk-back microphone, operator mic/monitor headset, and speaker inputs. The AVANT A2D connects through a simple USB connection to the computer and does not require any external power supply. The audiometer is NOAH™, System 3, and TIMS™-compatible. (888) 392-1234;

Trainable Hearing Instrument
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, introduces CENTRA™, the first trainable hearing instrument, featuring DataLearning™, exclusive technology that actually learns the wearer’s volume preferences for each memory and applies the data it collects automatically. Plus, SoundSmoothing™ and e2e wireless™ offer a more natural, personal, and comfortable listening experience. CENTRA is available in a full range of styles, including the Life open fit BTE with a directional microphone system. (800) 766-4500;

Baby Cry Alert
Warner Tech-care Products, Minneapolis, carries a full range of assistive listening devices, including the Baby Cry Signaler. When used with the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock, the Sonic Sitter alerts your customer when their baby starts crying. The Baby Signaler plugs into any outlet in the baby’s room. When the baby cries, a signal is sent over the home’s electrical system to a remote receiver, a Sonic Boom Clock. The Sonic Baby Signaler has a built-in indicator light to show it is working. For a new full line catalog of accessory products and assistive listening devices, contact Warner Tech-care. (800) 328-4757;

Impression Materials
Westone Laboratories Inc, Colorado Springs, Colo, offers a full line of impression materials, with all types and styles available. Silicone Singles, a highly accurate and easy to use premeasured, hand-mixed silicone material, is a national best seller. To purchase this same impression material in bulk form, try Pink Silicast. Westone’s Silicone brand cartridge material is available in both the 48 ml and S-50 formats. For those wanting a higher viscosity cartridge material, the company recommends Silicone Firm (available only in the S-50 format). From powder and liquid to silicone cartridges, regardless of your style preference, you can find the highest quality impression materials at Westone. (800) 525-5071;

Open Fit Coupler
Frye Electronics Inc, Tigard, Ore, introduces its new Open Fit Coupler for a more realistic test of the popular open ear fitted hearing instruments. This new coupler has internal dimensions and resonance characteristics similar to those of a real ear so that the hearing instrument is easily inserted and tested. It is designed to work with the coupler mode of all FONIX analyzers. A modification of the MZ-1 coupler, the Open Fit Coupler is lengthened so that its resonance peak is similar to that of a real ear. A damping element is inserted in the coupler to adjust the 2,700 Hz resonant peak to about 12 dB. The diameter of the cavity is the same as that of the Zwislocki occluded ear simulator, known as the IEC 711 in Europe.

Open fit hearing aids are not occluded. The end of the tube inserted into the ear is often fitted with a device that looks like a ski pole basket, which holds the tube in the center of the ear canal. A stiff plastic wire then is placed along the bottom of the outer portion of the ear’s pinna to position the depth of basket insertion. The open-fitted aid tends to feedback and is usually equipped with a program to suppress oscillation. The signal from the aid’s output affects the signal going to the input microphone of the aid itself. Because of this feedback, attempting to use a sound pressure equalization microphone results in measurement artifact. The substitution system used in FONIX analyzers does not use a pressure equalization microphone and therefore eliminates this measurement artifact. (800) 547-8209;

New Fitting Software
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces Inspire™ OS. Inspire OS is an intuitive software system that helps you achieve optimal patient outcomes through instant programming, powerful graphics, access to real-world situations, and comprehensive diagnostic features that make fitting easier, faster, and more accurate. (800) 328-8602;

Hand Sanitizer
Hal-Hen Company Inc, Garden City Park, NY, features its Instant Hand Sanitizer System (catalog #3625), which can be placed anywhere hand cleaning is required. The automatic, touch-free design delivers a 1 mL, 3 mL, or 5 mL dose of waterless hand cleaner, which has been clinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs in 15 seconds. Conveniently packaged in 1,000 mL disposable pouches. (800) 242-5436;

Multi-Memory Open Ear Instrument
Magnatone, Casselberry, Fla, introduces the Shadow X™ nonprogrammable, multi-memory, open ear instrument. The Shadow X is an inexpensive, high-end solution that comes preprogrammed, taking the work out of the fitting process. The Shadow line has a seamless unibody design and is compatible with ReSoundAIR™ tubing. Now available in a variety of colors and patterns. (800) 789-6543; [email protected];

Programmable Telephone
Harris Communications, Eden Prairie, Minn, is now offering the new Clarity® P400™ phone, which has 26 dB amplification and PicturePerfect Dialing™, allowing users to push a photo to dial a preprogrammed, preset phone number. A welcome addition to the Clarity product line, it serves people with a mild to moderate hearing loss as well as those with low vision or memory difficulties. Contact Bill Williams at (800) 582-8569 about dealership opportunities;

Cochlear Implant Battery
Helping you meet the growing demand of the cochlear implant market, Energizer, St Louis, brings you much more than a battery—Energizer Cochlear delivers optimal performance in cochlear implants. Now you can help give patients the freedom to keep going from the brand they know and trust. (866) 907-1776;

New Hearing Aid Line
Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, introduces Oticon Safran, a new line of advanced hearing aids that bridge the gap between Oticon’s Syncro and Tego Pro. Safran hearing instruments feature artificial intelligence (AI) and the latest directional, noise management, and compression technologies to deliver richer, more-nuanced speech and sounds in any situation. With the introduction of Safran, Oticon now offers a wide range of AI instruments from which users can choose. In addition to the fully automatic tri-mode adaptive directionality, noise management, and the proprietary voice-aligned compression strategy, the new product line features open fitting with the Corda ultrathin tube solution. Safran is available in a selection of new “chroma” stylish colors. Straightforward and easy to wear, Safran instruments are suitable for most users of all ages. They are also among the first hearing aids on the market to implement the new DSL v5.0—the latest pediatric rationale. (800) 526-3921;

Physician Marketing Video
A video about a physician newsletter publishing service is being offered by the publishers of Hearing HealthCare News®, White Plains, NY. The 9-minute presentation, available on CD or VHS, describes how a physician newsletter can benefit an audiology practice. (800) 342-1643;

Hearing Protection
Perfect Seal Laboratories, Wichita, Kan, offers many styles of hearing protection. No matter what your client’s needs, Perfect Seal can accommodate them. From the electronic series (shown) to solid plugs, Perfect Seal can provide solutions for many specific industrial applications. (800) 311-9810;

Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer
Moisture and earwax play a large part in hearing aid malfunctions and returns. That is why Hansaton Hearing Systems, Tampa, Fla, has developed its new, improved electronic Drybox. There is no longer a need for chemicals or an outside heating source (microwave, oven, etc). Simply place the hearing instruments into the Drybox, and intelligent timer electronics regulate the drying process automatically. Hearing instruments are dried completely in under 2 hours, and the unit switches off automatically. (866) 449-9757;

Hearing Loss, Hearing Aid, and Cochlear Implant Simulator
Sensimetrics Corporation, Somerville, Mass, announces HeLPS, the Hearing Loss and Prosthesis Simulator, designed to improve client/family understanding of both hearing loss and available treatment options. A flexible computer interface enables extensive real-time control of simulated conductive and recruiting hearing loss, tinnitus, compression hearing aids, and multiple-channel implants. HeLPS provides high-quality audiovisual speech material for speech-reading demonstrations, along with control of background noise and reverberation, presented over calibrated headphones. (617) 625-0600;

TV Listening System
Williams Sound, Eden Prairie, Minn, announces the availability of its newest SoundPlus listening system, the WIR 237. The WIR 237 connects directly to a television or stereo with standard audio jacks, and transmits a wireless audio signal to a lightweight receiver worn around the listener’s neck. Adjustable volume control allows the listener to hear the program at their comfort level without disturbing others. The receiver includes a built-in 3.5 mm jack, which allows the listener to plug in a variety of earphone or headphone options of their choice. When used with a neckloop, the system is compatible with telecoil-equipped hearing aids. (800) 328-6190;

Nanoscience Hearing Instrument Technology
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces nFusion™ Technology. nFusion is a breakthrough technology that utilizes an open-architecture platform, the power of nanoscience, and highly refined research-based algorithms to create new synergies between hearing instruments and fitting software. (800) 328-8602;

Wireless Listening System
Oaktree Products Inc, St Louis, announces the availability of the Sennheiser Set 820 radio frequency wireless listening system. In contrast to infrared systems, the Set 820 sends sound from the television or stereo directly to the listener’s ears via radio signals, allowing the user to leave the room while still hearing the audio input. No more static due to interference with line of sight. Operational range is approximately 300 feet. Also available is companion Set 820-S model, designed for use with hearing aids or personal stereo headphones. (800) 347-1960; [email protected];

New Hearing Instruments
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces Destiny™. Destiny is a new line of hearing aids built with the power and speed of nFusion™ Technology, offering feedback elimination and directional speech detection that are measurably best-in-class, as well as state-of-the-art environmental recognition and adaptation management. (800) 328-8602;

Poster Series
SeboTek Hearing Systems, Tulsa, Okla, presents a series of new in-office marketing posters, provided as part of its retail marketing support program. The poster series emphasizes the benefits of the PAC, SeboTek’s patented hearing instrument, to those who wear it: virtually invisible; soft and comfortable; and brilliant, natural sound. The PAC offers discreet, same-day fitting; delivers superior acoustic performance that traditional hearing aids can’t achieve through extended frequency response up to 14,000 Hz; and does so across a huge fitting range, including losses up to 90 dB. (800) 388-9041;

Programming Additions
Frye Electronics, Tigard, Ore, continues to add programming to the FONIX 7000. The newest version, I.42 provides tests of digital delay, phase, and separate input/output displays as well as attack and release measurements. Those with custom software will also be pleased by the increased speed of the operation through RS232. (800) 547-8209;

Custom Headset
For active individuals who love their music and want to upgrade from stock stereo earbuds, Westone Laboratories Inc, Colorado Springs, Colo, offers the custom CR-1 headset. Perfect for travel, exercise, or motor sports (not recommended for on-road use), the CR-1 is driven by a set of high-quality drivers in a pair of full shell, clear custom earpieces. The custom fit and soft vinyl material assure listening comfort and reduced external noise for lower ear-level volume. Each headset comes with a 50-inch hardwired black cable with a 3.5 mm stereo plug to fit virtually any CD, MP3 player, or portable sound system. (800) 525-5071;

Lighted Curette
Minneapolis-based Warner Tech-care Products introduces the Lighted Ear Curette with Magnification Lens by Bionix. The lighted curette features a bright white light that is projected to the tip of the curette, illuminating even the most difficult to see ear canals. The disposable system features a magnification lens that attaches to the curette, making cerumen removal an easier process. Each kit comes with 50 disposable curettes, one light source, and one magnification lens. Packaged with various tip types for all of your cerumen removal procedures. Call Warner Tech-care for a new catalog and information on the Lighted Ear Curettes with Magnification. (800) 328-4757;

Open Fit Micro-BTE
Spectrum Hearing Systems, Cornelius, NC, introduces the Belair™, a new open fit micro-BTE. Utilizing a sophisticated 12-band microprocessor equipped with layered noise reduction and adaptive feedback cancellation, the Belair provides precise target matching and control of gain at all frequencies for an exceptionally clear and natural sound. Its patent-pending Unicase™ design is attractive and discreet, yet is easy to use, versatile, and comfortable to wear. A wide array of colors is available to match skin tones, as well as an automatic telecoil option and directional microphone technology. (866) 275-2098;

Advanced OAE System
The next few years offer new challenges as OAE testing moves from basic screening and clinical use to more advanced areas of investigating cochlear and efferent pathway function. Meeting these challenges, Otodynamics, Hatfield, Herts, United Kingdom, offers the ILO292 USB-II. Uniquely designed to take advantage of emerging binaural testing protocols (ie, simultaneous bilateral testing, contralateral suppression), the ILO292 USB-II with Version 6 software is the OAE system ready for the future. Designed to run under Windows XP software, Version 6 software allows clinicians to run all the traditional OAE battery tests quickly, with minimal keystrokes … as well as the new range of OAE tests available now and, most important, in the future. (800) 659-7776;

Tinnitus Sound Generator
General Hearing Instruments Inc, New Orleans, introduces its latest tinnitus sound generator, the Tranquil BTE. The Tranquil BTE provides the same broadband noise generating capabilities as in in-the-ear models. Tranquil BTE features a free-field or nonoccluding earmold, which leaves the lower portion of the ear canal open to receive surrounding sounds in a normal manner. The earmold is manufactured from flexible, hypoallergenic medical grade silicone that easily fits most ears and is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. A built-in gain control trimmer lets the tinnitus management professional adjust the Tranquil BTE’s overall output to accommodate individuals with normal to mild/moderate hearing loss. A #13 battery assures long operating life, which can be further extended by switching the unit off when not in use.

The Tranquil BTE provides constant sound enrichment to tinnitus and hyperacusic patients that have either normal-to-near normal hearing or a mild-to-moderate loss. The Tranquil BTE comes complete with presentation case, instruction booklet, battery, travel pouch, and noncustom free-field earmold. (800) 824-3021;

Hearing Screening Booth
Acoustic Systems, Austin, Tex, introduces the RE-125 hearing screening booth. Shipped preassembled, the RE-125 offers improved isolation and meets OSHA standards. The unit is easily moved through most office doors and is kept in stock for rapid delivery. Acoustic Systems is accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and submits its audiometric rooms and suites to regular testing. Factory-trained representatives help with selection and installation. (800) 749-1460;

Automatic Impedance Unit
Maico Diagnostics, Eden Prairie, Minn, designed this MI34 automatic impedance unit with the added functions of reflexes and reflex decay tests that are usually found only on more expensive diagnostic equipment. This screener/diagnostic tympanometer also features ipsi and contra tests, as well as perforated and intact ETF testing. (800) 941-4201;

Noise Reduction Earphones
Hearing Components, Oakdale, Minn, introduces its NR-1 Earphones, which combine state-of-the-art electronics and miniaturization with the convenience of Hearing Components’ patented Comply™ Platinum Canal Tips. The patented NR-1 Earphones are based on the same technology currently used by US Army helicopter crews. When used in a noisy environment, the NR-1 Earphones deliver to iPod users, MP3 player users, or other personal audio device users greater noise reduction, sound, and in-the-ear comfort. The NR-1 presents the opportunity to offer a new product to your patients and their families. (800) 872-8986 or (651) 739-9427;

Captioning Systems
For people with hearing loss, the voices of actors, teachers, animated film characters, sports announcers, and clergy are often garbled at best, or silent. SightLine Media LLC, Los Angeles, is getting ready to launch a new wearable wi-fi system that was developed at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), Atlanta, which will change the reality of the 31 million deaf and hard-of-hearing Americans. This movie-theater application is expected to launch in the fall of 2006. The system relies on wireless technology that can transmit multiple text streams of information being presented audibly to public venues, such as movie theaters, museums, live theaters, sports arenas, and houses of worship. GTRI: (404) 407-6405; SightLine Media LLC: (310) 925-1325; InSight Cinema: (310) 452-8700.

Physician Referrals
McManus Consulting, Norristown, Pa, was developed after many years of frustration from the inability to receive referrals from physicians. I have assembled a program that will enable you to establish a relationship with the doctors in your area in order to increase the number of physician referrals. In my practice, medical referrals represented more than 30% of total sales for 2005. I have counseled practices that range from a single practitioner to a dealer with 35 locations. The doctors in your area are referring their patients to someone; if that someone is not you, call me today. (888) 272-6933.

Enhanced Listening Tools
Enhanced Listening Technologies Corp (Connections Unlimited), Riviera Beach, Fla, introduces PT tools™, a range of microphones, mixers, adapters, and couplings to help the audiologist and patient derive maximum benefit from the personal amplifier class (Pocketalker, Sound Director, Sound Wizard, Echo-Tech, etc). PT tools help patients with mild to moderate and severe to profound hearing loss. (800) 286-3481; [email protected];

Mobile Testing and Fitting Office
MedRx Inc, Largo, Fla, introduces the AVANT Mobile Office, which provides a portable computerized testing and fitting system for the professional who needs convenience when traveling. The AVANT Mobile Office consists of the new AVANT A2D audiometer—a 2-channel, air-bone-speech audiometer—and the AVANT REM Speech Live Speech Mapping and REAL EAR measurement system. Each device weighs less than a half pound, connects to the USB ports on any laptop computer, and arrives in a compartmentalized carrying case. The entire system, with all of its accessories, weighs less than 7 pounds. The A2D audiometer allows fast and accurate air, bone, and speech testing, and offers an intuitive user interface for data collection, patient monitoring, and counseling. With the AVANT REM Speech system, fittings can be verified via Live Speech Mapping or traditional REAL EAR measurement. Both instruments are NOAH™, System 3, and TIMS™-compatible. MedRx also offers an optional rolling case designed to hold a laptop computer and the Mobile Office. (888) 392-1234;

Enhanced Listening Tools
Enhanced Listening Technologies Corp (Connections Unlimited), Riviera Beach, Fla, introduces PT tools™, a range of microphones, mixers, adapters, and couplings to help the audiologist and patient derive maximum benefit from the personal amplifier class (Pocketalker, Sound Director, Sound Wizard, Echo-Tech, etc). PT tools help patients with mild to moderate and severe to profound hearing loss. (800) 286-3481; [email protected];

Medical-Grade Silicone Swim Plugs
Perfect Seal Laboratories, Wichita, Kan, offers Aqua-Tite swim plugs made from medical-grade silicone. They are hypoallergenic and can be tinted to almost any color, or swirled up to three colors for the same price. Each plug comes with embedded handles, which are designed to make them easier to insert and remove. A connecting cord can also be ordered. (800) 311-9810;

Tinnitus Treatment
EAR Inc, Boulder, Colo, offers RingSTOP™, an all-natural product for people suffering from tinnitus. The product is a homeopathic formula that is available in capsule form. Ingredients include amino acids, herbal extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins that have been reported to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus, a condition for which there is no known remedy. (800) 525-2690;;

Telephone Demo Board
Beyond Hearing Aids Inc, Florence, Ky, introduces a new bold telephone demonstration board that can be placed in any office area. The acrylic telephone display board comes with a phone line simulator and amplified telephone designed to take up little space on any table or desk. It encourages patients to hear what a good-quality amplified phone sounds like compared to the phone they have at home. The kit also includes color brochures of the most popular ALDs available as an educational handout. (800) 838-1649;

Custom Simulations
Sensimetrics Corporation, Somerville, Mass, announces HeLPS, the Hearing Loss and Prosthesis Simulator. HeLPS delivers accurate interactive demonstrations of the communication difficulties caused by individual hearing losses, the improvements possible with custom-fit hearing aids or cochlear implants, and the importance of speech-reading and clear speaking. For audiologist use in family counseling, aural rehabilitation, hearing conservation, and professional education. (617) 625-0600;

Wax Protection System
Rexton, Plymouth, Minn, has released C-Guard, its latest advancement in wax protection, available on all Calibra premier digital custom instruments. C-Guard effectively seals the receiver with a membrane barrier that protects from cerumen and moisture. This low-maintenance technology works without affecting the hearing instrument response curve. It is available on all custom instrument styles, from CIC to full shell, and is fit during initial production. A replacement kit with removal/replacement tool and additional guards is available for customer use. For best results, C-Guard should be changed every 3 months. A specially designed tool is supplied for both removing and inserting the guard. (800) 876-1141;

Wax Protection
Sonion, Minnetonka, Minn, introduces the C-BarrierTM, a new wax-protection system for all hearing instrument manufacturers. Earwax is the most common cause of hearing aids being returned for repair. While wax-protection systems are nothing new to the industry, most of the systems on the market act like a “trap” to help catch cerumen from entering the instrument. The C-Barrier is a thin membrane that physically sits over the sound port of the receiver. The C-Barrier is designed to block out the unwanted cerumen, but still allow the acoustic information to be passed through. The C-Barrier also can be easily cleaned and replaced if needed. The benefits to C-Barrier are to provide increased life expectancy of hearing instruments in the field. For ease of use, Sonion has designed a package that contains four C-Barriers, including a simple removal and insertion tool. The C-Barrier is available for sampling now. (952) 543-8300;

Personal Listening Device
Hal-Hen Company Inc, Garden City Park, NY, offers Williams Sound’s redesigned Pocketalker. The Pocketalker has a smaller sized unit that resembles a cell phone. It features external volume and tone controls, 100 hours of battery life (two AAA alkaline batteries), a removable microphone, and a belt clip—all in a new retail-friendly packaging. Hal-Hen offers a full range of assistive devices for the deaf and the hearing impaired. (800) 242-5436;

Digital Hearing Instruments
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, releases the new line of Destiny™ digital hearing instruments. Destiny instruments are built with the power and speed of nFusion™ technology. (800) 328-8602;

Amplified Stethoscope
Beyond Hearing Aids Inc, Florence, Ky, is a distributor of amplified stethoscopes and accessories with years of practical experience working with consumers with all types of hearing loss. The new Cardionics Escope with specialist diaphragm and bells provides superior sound conduction and allows for a variety of accessories that interface the stethoscope to hearing aids. The new version has a sleeker design and better output jack placement. (800) 838-1649;

20-Year Publishing Anniversary
With the release of its summer issue, Hearing HealthCare News®, White Plains, NY, celebrated its 20th year of providing customized patient newsletters and other practice development services to audiologists throughout the United States and Canada. The publication was launched in 1986 by audiologist Dennis Hampton, PhD, who serves as editor. Hearing HealthCare News also publishes Audiology HealthCare News®, a customized newsletter for audiologists to send to physicians and other health care providers. For more information, please contact Keith Hampton, (800) 342-1643, or go to

Antenna Technology
Vortis Technologies Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland, presents new antenna technology using the Vortis to provide audiologists/hearing aid dispensers with a patented and exciting solution for their hearing aid patients who use mobile phones. No need for wires, loops, or connection to a hearing aid. A simple Vortis antenna attachment to a mobile phone allows most hearing aid wearers use of their mobile phone without disturbing noise and interference. 011 44 141 353 1330; (866) 486-7847;

New Receivers
Sonion, Minnetonka, Minn, designed the new 3300 series receiver to meet the high demand of providing maximum SPL output with premium performance. The balanced twin motor design greatly reduces unwanted mechanical vibration without sacrificing acoustic bandwidth. The 3300 series receiver will offer customers new opportunities for instruments to have increased SPL output and gain, while reducing the annoyance of feedback. The 3300 is available for sampling and orders now. (952) 543-8300;

Mini Ear Gear
The Ear Gear line, by Westone Laboratories Inc, Colorado Springs, Colo, is now available in a mini size, designed to fit smaller open-fit hearing instruments up to 1.5 inches in length. Ear Gear Mini comes in two styles—square and curved—to fit the two most popular shapes of open-fit hearing instruments. The square version fits hearing instruments from ReSound, Sebotek, Sonic Innovations, and several other manufacturers using a similar shape. The curved version fits other open hearing instruments that essentially look like very small BTEs. The Mini is available with or without cord and clip, in both binaural and monaural models, in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Call for more information or to request a full-color brochure. (800) 525-5071;

Elite Audio Gear
Etymotic Research, Elk Grove Village, Ill, introduced the first high-fidelity, noise-isolating insert earphones in 1984. ER-1 and ER-2 earphones were developed for acoustic research. ER-3A earphones are used in clinical audiometry and ABR. Beginning in 1991, Etymotic entered consumer electronics with earphones for precision recording, critical listening, and in-ear monitoring by stage musicians during live performance. Etymotic’s most popular earphones today are those designed especially for use with portable music players. Research indicates that listeners choose lower listening levels because the high isolation of insert earphones makes it possible to listen at lower—safer—levels. (888) 389-6684;

Diagnostic Platform
The Eclipse, offered by Interacoustics, Eden Prairie, Minn, is a diagnostic platform for performing ABR and OAE tests directly from a PC or laptop. Eclipse has been designed as a portable and compact package that can easily connect to a computer via one USB port. With a built-in medical safety transformer and full optical isolation, it will meet all safety requirements. Eclipse hardware and software are compatible with Windows®. Choose from any combination of ABR, advanced ABR, DPOAE, and TEOAE. (800) 947- 6334;

Limited Battery Promotion
For a limited time, Hocks Hearing Healthcare Products, Portland, Ore, will give a $2 bill with each purchase of a carton of iCellTech hearing aid batteries. The giveaway is Hocks’ way of thanking its customers for their patronage. (800) 654-6257;

High-Capacity Batteries
iCellTech Corp, Seoul, Korea, introduces its new innovation, the 10DS with 105 mAh capacity. Stainless steel housing guarantees that the bigger-capacity batteries will remain rust free in all weather conditions. Its technology provides extra running time. Fax: 011-82-2-6735-6965; [email protected];

Instant Swim Plugs
Warner Tech-care Products, Minneapolis, introduces Aqua-guard Direct Fit instant swim plugs to help protect ears from water while swimming, diving, tubing, or showering. Direct Fit eliminates the need to send impressions to an earmold lab, allowing water protection to be provided during the office visit. Aqua-guard is high strength, long-lasting, and floatable. The soft material sets up in 5 to 7 minutes directly in the ear. The kit includes measuring spoons, base color white with red and blue color. A lacquer clear coat to better seal and enhance the appearance of the mold can be ordered. Aqua-guard can be ordered in bulk. The new Warner Tech-care catalog is now available. (800) 328-4757;

Wireless VRA/COR System
Pehratek Products, Chaska, Minn, features the XM-1000 Wireless Reinforcer VRA/COR system, a versatile and creative pediatric testing system. This unique visual reinforcer testing system offers multiple stimulus options to attract and maintain a child’s attention throughout the testing period—all via a wireless handheld remote control. The XM-1000 can be operated inside and outside the booth to aid in the testing style. Complete control over the animation/motion, figure lighting, and light-bar lighting patterns can all be quickly adjusted from the wireless handheld remote control up to 50 feet away. The XM-1000 VRA/COR system comes complete with two Reinforcer plexiglass boxes (triangular-shaped to fit into the corners of the sound room above the sound field speakers), low-voltage power pack, and handheld wireless remote control. Optional centering box, mounting brackets, or CENTER-FOCUS hidden camera built in the centering box for monitoring of the child’s attention outside the booth. (866) 470-3532;

Battery Drain, Voltage Meter
Lightning Enterprises, Limington, Me, announces the release of the BDM-2 battery drain and voltage meter. BDM-2 supplies working voltage to a hearing aid, while accurately measuring and displaying battery drain. BDM-2 can also measure DC voltage with a supplied voltage probe, and connects to the hearing aid battery compartment using a standard battery probe. BDM-2 can be used for testing, quality assurance, troubleshooting, or any situation where hearing aid battery drain or measured voltage needs to be displayed. Available in 120 V/60 and 230 V/50 versions. (877) 546-1797;

Beltone Electronics Corporation, Chicago, offers its two most sophisticated digital products, Beltone Corus and Oria. Corus helps eliminate common fitting problems, including feedback and occlusion. It automatically monitors and eliminates feedback while in the ear. Oria has 12 channels of digital signal processing and a wealth of features to help amplify soft sounds and keep loud sounds from becoming uncomfortable. (800) 621-1275;

Digital Products
Beltone Electronics Corporation, Chicago, offers its two most sophisticated digital products, Beltone Corus and Oria. Corus helps eliminate common fitting problems, including feedback and occlusion. It automatically monitors and eliminates feedback while in the ear. Oria has 12 channels of digital signal processing and a wealth of features to help amplify soft sounds and keep loud sounds from becoming uncomfortable. (800) 621-1275;

Oaktree Products Inc, St Louis, introduces new bonus packaging for the NoiZfree Telecoil Induction Earhook. These popular earhooks are now packaged with a bonus adapter, providing patients with the ability to plug the device into a cell phone (2.5 mm jack), as well as any other audio devices equipped with 3.5 mm jacks (CD and MP3 players). There is no longer a need to rely on two separate earhooks, one with a 2.5 mm jack and the other with a 3.5 mm jack. Originally available only in black, the earhooks are also available in white. The earhooks are also perfect for your iPod. (800) 347-1960; [email protected];

Post-Auricular Canal Aid
SeboTek Hearing Systems, Tulsa, Okla, manufactures the PAC hearing instrument, which offers discreet same-day fitting; delivers superior acoustic performance that traditional hearing aids can’t achieve; and does so across a huge fitting range, including losses up to 90 dB. Its patented design eliminates occlusion effect and feedback, and its proprietary High-Fidelity Acoustic Coupling system delivers extended frequency response up to 14,000 Hz. Multiple models are available to meet consumer preferences and budgets. (800) 388-9041;

New Product Line
In’Tech Industries Inc, Ramsey, Minn, a supplier of miniature plastic hearing aid components, introduces its new VTM™ product line. Services include providing high-quality, highly accurate, digitally created ear shell services and rapid manufacturing to hearing instrument manufacturers. Proven technology includes precision scanning, electronic detailing, and stereo-lithography services while offering multiple surface finishes and color options that can improve your customer satisfaction ratings. This service is now available to all hearing aid manufacturers. (763) 576-8100;

Compact Live Speech Mapping
MedRx Inc, Largo, Fla, has launched the first product in its new line of supercompact PC/USB-based instrumentation. The AVANT REM Speech™ system is a live speech mapping system, as well as an effective and valuable patient-centered tool for fitting and validating the performance of any hearing instrument. It also provides a comprehensive traditional real ear system that is finally affordable for most hearing practices. The system is small in size and weight, measuring 4 x 4 x 1 inches—about the size of a PDA—and weighs about one pound. AVANT REM Speech also uses sound processing and sound generating technology to create a true state-of-the-art live speech mapping/real ear measurement system. In addition, embedded in the AVANT REM Speech software is the MedRx Hearing Loss Simulator, a demonstration tool for third parties, and a hearing instrument simulator. Lighted visual queues alert the professional as to which ear is being tested. A simple USB connection to the computer is all that is required to run the system—no external power source is required. This system is NOAH™ 3 compatible. (888) 392-1234;

Alarm Clocks
The Analog Alarm Clock and the Sweetheart Alarm Clock are two new unique clocks from Sonic Alert, which are offered by Harris Communications, Eden Prairie, Minn. The Analog Clock (SBA475ss) has a cool blue backlight and easy-to-set alarm. The Sweetheart Clock (SBH400ss) comes in hot pink and features a multicolored display. Both clocks have alarm lights and a powerful bed shaker. Contact Bill Williams at (800) 582-8569 about dealership opportunities.

Mobile Testing Unit
The Wilson Group features this rig, which is in service weekly for special events, hearing screenings, and hearing aid sales and service. The interior layout of the rig—reception area, testing booth, counseling area, repair workbench, and restroom—makes for easy workflow. The air-conditioned rig is a 1994 Freightliner model FL60 tractor with Cummings 5.9 diesel; the trailer is a 1995/EAGL/TR Gooseneck. The interior and furniture is by TechLine. Graphic wrap by 3M with 5 year warranty. Graphics could be easily adapted to your name or removed. (800) 346-6279 ext. 11.

Personalized Battery Cards
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, offers LIGHTNING™ hearing instrument batteries, which can be personalized with your logo and contact information at no extra charge. LIGHTNING premium zinc air batteries have a higher mAh capacity rating than other zinc air batteries. Available only through hearing care professionals, LIGHTNING batteries can help you increase revenue and maintain patient loyalty. (800) 766-4500;

Personalized Battery Cards
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, offers LIGHTNINGâ„¢ hearing instrument batteries, which can be personalized with your logo and contact information at no extra charge. LIGHTNING premium zinc air batteries have a higher mAh capacity rating than other zinc air batteries. Available only through hearing care professionals, LIGHTNING batteries can help you increase revenue and maintain patient loyalty. (800) 766-4500;

New Personal Listening Device
Williams Sound Corp, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers the Pocketalker Ultra, a robust personal amplifier that helps improve hearing and speech understanding for one-on-one conversations, small group activities, television, stereo listening, and more. It features a powerful integrated amplifier (130 dB maximum output) with a sensitive plug-in microphone that can be placed close to the desired sound source to greatly reduce background noise and other distractions. With fingertip adjustable tone and volume controls, the listener can quickly and easily adjust their hearing needs to suit any environment, noisy or quiet. (800) 843-3544 or

Wireless Speech System
Oaktree Products Inc, Chesterfield, Mo, has been selected by Etymotic Research Inc, Elk Grove Village, Ill, as the master distributor of the new Companion Mics™, a 3 + 1 wireless system that directs the speech of up to three different talkers to a single listener. Speech may be routed to the individual’s ears via high-fidelity noise-isolating earphones or interfaced with a hearing instrument or cochlear implant with a neckloop or induction earhook. The Companion Mics system is a viable solution for those individuals that need to hear speech from multiple individuals in unfavorable listening situations. (800) 347-1960; [email protected]