Hands Free Cell Phone Adaptor
Mid-States Laboratories, Wichita, Kan, announces the addition of their second hands-free cell phone adaptor. The original unit fits the earbud available on standard cell phone listening attachments into a silicone full shell earmold for custom fit and comfort. The new version takes the comfort and ease of use a step further by replacing the plastic covered earbud with a regular hearing aid receiver which is seated in a canal style or CIC style mold. This makes insertion much easier, especially in cases of fairly small ears. For more information about both styles, contact (800) 847-3669.

Phonak is expanding its line of advanced wireless MicroLink products in the MicroLink family to better meet the needs of consumers in a variety of listening situations. In addition to the MicroVox TX2, HandyMic TX3, or synthesized Campus S TX5 transmitters, Phonak now offers a full line of personal FM receivers. The MicroLink MLx, the universal FM boot, MicroLink MLCI for users of cochlear implants, as well MicroEar receivers, a listening option for minimal hearing loss or APD cases are finding increasing acceptance. All MicroLink receiver models will soon be upgraded, starting this fall with FrequencySync. A new, second generation, proprietary MicroLink chip makes it possible to change to any of the 23 MicroLink frequencies, with the push of a button on the Campus S transmitter or by walking through a door using the new Wall Pilot. Visit www.phonak.com for more information.

 Digital Hearing Aid
GN ReSound introduces the ReSoundAIR™, a virtually invisible hearing solution for mild or high-frequency hearing loss. The product reportedly provides all the benefits clients need in a non-occluding fitting without continually hitting the feedback barrier. The reason is the ComfortTec™ technology—a set of software and hardware technologies optimized to reduce occlusion and feedback. The features are designed for physical and listening comfort. This small digital device is designed for people experiencing high frequency hearing loss and for whom design is a necessary part of what they wear. for information, visit www.resoundair.com.

CareCredit, Anaheim, Calif, announces the introduction of its new free CD or audiotape, “Growing Your Practice—Effective Communication Techniques.” This package features J. Scott Bailey, a leading sales consultant at the Sandler Sales Institute, with over 25 years of experience working with healthcare professionals, including audiologists. In the program, Bailey illustrates how effective communication can be utilized to uncover and address emotional needs, “buying cycles,” and the underlying objections patients may have. Also included are valuable tips on how the healthcare professional can step into the role of consultant to provide patients with solutions that will increase acceptance of optimal care and technology. Practices can call (800) 300-3046, extension 519, or email: [email protected].

 Books and Videos
For the widest assortment of resources and assistive listening devices, including amplified phones, vibrating pagers, visual signalers, and text telephones, look into Potomac Technology. As one of the nation’s largest distributors of resources for people with hearing loss, the company hasa wide range of resources under one roof. Visit the company online to browse a large assortment of entertaining and educational books and videos, all related to hearing loss, at www.potomactech.com Or call toll free for a free catalog: (800) 433-2838 (V/TTY).

 Personal Sound Device
Microsound A/S, Silkeborg, Denmark, has unveiled the Microsound Pilot, a “personal sound device” for people with mild to moderate hearing loss that incorporates Dspfactory’s Toccata Plus high-performance digital signal processing chipset. The Pilot is intended to be visible, and can be worn and removed as required, similar to reading glasses, says the company. It can also be purchased in retail stores and other non-medical environments where it can be fitted using Microsound’s Eartuner interactive fitting system, reports the company. For information, (519) 884-9696.

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